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Get Bikini Ready In No Time



The horror of unveiling your pale skin to the world in a bikini for the first time each year is something we put ourselves through the second we get on our holiday, or the sun appears briefly in the English sky.

While I applaud the Brit’s ability to welcome the sun at the drop of a hat, that elusive sunny day means we need to be bikini ready under our winter coats and thick jeans in case it does make an unscheduled appearance.

While we can’t be ready to jump into a tiny two-piece for 365 days of the year, you will be surprised just how easy it is to keep yourself prepared during our so-called summer specifically for that first, delicious ray of sunshine.

Bikini Rule 1

Drink lots of water. Each time you’re at a sink, fill up a glass. This helps reduce cellulite, ironically stops water-retention related bloating and keeps your skin looking crystal clear. Plus, drink a pint of water five minutes before eating, and it will curb your appetite. This is because sometimes thirst can be disguised as hunger, so you eat a chocolate bar when, in fact, you just needed a drink! Empty, pointless, bikini hating calories!

Bikini Rule2

Buff and Scrub. Buff daily to shift stubborn, fatty build ups in your thighs and bottom, otherwise known as the dreaded cellulite. Also, scrub these problem areas three times a week in the bath and use a bath cream which locks in moisture so once you’ve cleansed, the freshly revealed skin is instantly moisturized.

Bikini Rule3

Moisturise daily. Use a gradual tanning moisturizer cream to make sure you have that all-important touch of color, which is so slimming. A tan seems to hide all our perceived body issues, so having one at all times, no matter how pale, helps us to feel a little bit better about stripping off. Using a gradual tan means no streaks, and no ruining your sheets and clothes with heavier tanning products.

Bikini Rule4

Keep your nail varnish topped up. You don’t need to get regular manicures and pedicures. However, it certainly helps, but merely removing your nail varnish once a week on both sets of nails and reapplying with both a base and topcoat instantly lifts your spirits and gives you a ‘Just Styled’ confidence boost, which we all need when getting into a bikini.

Bikini Rule5

There is no point looking gorgeous in a bikini and having a bird nest on your head, so buy a couple of cheap sparkly clips or flowers and learn how to do this season’s high messy topknot. Add in the sparkle, and this adds instant glam.

Bikini Rule6

Smile! Remember, no matter how bad you feel about slipping on a two-piece, there will be someone out there who feels the same or worse. Just enjoy the brief opportunity to wear it – the sun will be gone again before you know it.

Happy sunbathing!

Steph is a guest author who likes to stay looking good throughout the year. She also wants to add the latest free makeup and beauty samples to her website when she finds them online to help everyone stay looking good while keeping bank balances looking healthy too!