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3 Acne Remedies at Home



Having acne, especially when it is too much, is not just a “simple” problem. Although quite common as everyone gets acne, the condition can still become so disturbing that it is possible a person could develop a decrease in self-esteem. Acne affects not only teenagers but also adult women and men. The good thing is, the condition could be treated, so long as the person is well motivated and determined to manage this well.

Acne is usually caused by a hormonal imbalance that affects people of all ages. Although a hormonal imbalance is abnormal, it occurs so often, mainly because of the kind of lifestyle people live today. Most people are particularly exposed to so much stress from their jobs, their social life, and their families, and this is one of the many factors that can affect hormonal balance. Keeping an unhealthy diet, by eating so many foods that do not provide adequate vitamins and minerals, could also affect the hormonal balance of a person.

How Hormonal Imbalance Affects Acne

The formation of acne due to hormonal imbalance happens when the hormone androgen increases in growth and affects the function of the sebaceous glands. It causes the overproduction of it, making it dysfunctional and unregulated. As a result, the face becomes more oily, and the hair follicles found just beneath the skin collects all of the excess oils in the skin. When their sac becomes full of oil, they burst and lead to acne formation, with more oil and breakouts.

Managing Hormonal Acne Breakouts

Managing breakouts and perhaps treating them is possible. There are many treatment options available, but sometimes, home remedies make the best treatment option. The following are three home remedies for hormonal acne:

  • The most essential is to maintain a healthy diet. As most people say, “we are what we eat.” When one eats foods that contain minimal or no nutrients at all, the person would most likely be unhealthy. Concerning acne, foods that are high in fat and sugar usually increase the amount of sebum in the face and eventually lead to acne. On the other hand, foods high in fiber are very vital for cleansing and washing out of toxins in the body and corrects imbalances of the hormones.
  • Avoid too much stress, as this is unhealthy. Dealing with daily stress brings one positive impact in that it makes the person more alert and attentive. But beyond this, panic and hysteria usually disrupts so many regular body activities and functions, that the stress can lead to imbalances of many hormones. By avoiding severe stress, the risk for the development of acne is decreased.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle, which means you have to give enough time for exercising and sleeping. Exercising for at least 30 minutes a day can help strengthen the body and regulate hormonal imbalances. Resting for at least 6 hours per day could help the body to repair after it has been stressed all day by the person’s activities. Performing proper personal hygiene is also essential, as the bacteria which causes breakouts, doesn’t favor a clean environment.

Although a regular skin problem, should not be disregarded as it’s irritating and unsightly to deal with. These tips, while simple, are easily managed and very practical to do. Taking care of one’s overall health is essential to skin conditions.

Are you dealing with bad acne? The cause of it may be hormonal, and no matter how you treat the symptoms, it will keep reappearing.