Tips For Becoming a Better Runner

Whilst not everyone can run to the same levels as a Mo Farrah, it is an activity that we can all enjoy; it’s easy to partake in and a fantastic way to get fit. Whilst some of us may take it more seriously than others, partaking in marathons and other endurance based distances, it is always best to see a continual improvement in our standards. Here are some tips on how to improve your times and become a better runner.

Don’t Stop And Start

The best runners are those that engage in running on a regular basis. For other runners who may not take the endeavour seriously, taking a break from running for a while will see them struggle with their conditioning when they attempt to restart again. A great way of keeping consistent in training is to sign up for an event, such as a half marathon, so you can see an end goal in site.

This will inspire you to stick to a regular training programme in the lead up to the event and will give an end goal which will reward your hard work! After this, sign up to another event a few months down the line so that your training does not amount to nothing.

Running Properly

This may sound quite an obvious tip but for those who wish to take running seriously, proper form is needed. Running is not as simple as sticking one leg in front of the other as fast as you can and, by positioning your body in the correct manner, it is possible to make sure your breathing remains perfect and you are less liable to injury.

Whilst in action, the head should be held upright above the spine, shoulders should be relaxed and your abs should be engaged. Staying injury free is necessary for a decent running and opening up your lungs will help you run further distances without losing your breath.

Getting The Right Attire

Before running, the first thing that should be suggested is that it is important to get the correct attire. Footwear is important – the right shoes can be the difference between sustaining an injury and being a decent runner. The chunky trainers you have may be great for fashion purposes but are not so good for running – invest in a pair of lightweight trainers. Recent running shoe designs have focused on replicating the feel of barefoot running and are said to decrease the risk of injury whilst increasing the runners’ form.

Stay Hydrated and Watch What You Eat

Without drinking water it is more than likely that half way through a run you will begin to feel the effects of fatigue or a cramp as you begin to dehydrate. It is imperative to stay fuelled and to drink roughly one ounce of water for every ten pounds of body weight you possess between an hour or two before your run. Make sure not to run on either a full or empty stomach either. Before running look for a carb and protein fuelled snack packed with energy – a slice of white bread as you leave for your run is the least that should be considered.

Kieron is a writer and runner who suggests doing some research before investing in a pair of men’s or women’s trainers.

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