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Bridal Weight Loss Programs And Diets



Getting in shape in time for your wedding can be a very daunting task. Along with organizing the day itself, you will likely have work, socializing, and family commitments to see as well. Brides can often find themselves at a loss and struggling to stay focused on the task ahead.

However, if you are serious about getting slimmer and healthier so you can fit into that dream wedding dress, then here are a few programs and diets that can help.

The Wedding Day Diet

The wedding day diet follows the 80:20 ratio rule, meaning that as long as you stick to healthy eating 80% of the time, you are allowed to indulge with a few celebratory chocolates and treats the other 20%.

A few of the basic rules include always eating breakfast, eating at least five portions of fruit and vegetable each day, and aiming for a daily intake of 1,700 calories.

Other steps on the wedding day diet include stocking up on superfoods, such as avocados, pomegranates, and Brazil nuts, and doing short, gentle exercises to increase your metabolism and fitness throughout the day.

Bridal Boot Camp

Most people will associate bridal boot camps with angry personal trainers yelling at you while you try to do a press-up in the mud at 5 am. However, you can easily do the bridal boot camp toning workout, cutting out all those early mornings and misery. All you need is a set of 5- to 15- pound dumbbells.

The boot camp training can help tone your arms, back, legs, bum, and tum and is a fantastic solution for brides looking for a quick solution or long-term results.

You can fit the bridal boot camp exercises into a busy schedule, doing the exercises just twice a week. It is especially effective alongside a healthy diet and regular cardio exercise.

Big Fat to Thin Brides

Bridal weight loss competitions are a fantastic way to inject some healthy competition into your weight loss journey and add an extra incentive. Big Fat to Thin Brides, operated by online lottery syndicate site Big Fat Lottos is a fantastic way to lose weight in time for your big day.

The final three entrants have already been announced and each of these blushing brides-to-be will be provided with expert nutritional advice, free gym memberships, and guidance throughout the 6 months competition period.

Their progress will be charted on the website and the winner, the entrant who loses the largest percentage of her weight, will be rewarded with £5,000 in cash towards her big day.

Group Fitness Classes

Your bridesmaids, friends, and family will likely want to get into shape in time for your wedding day as well. Why not join forces with group fitness classes and exercises to help encourage one another, keep each other on the track, and share in the success.