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10 Ways To Get Relieve From Constipation



Why wasting time describing what constipation is?

1. For people having constipation, fruits like apple, banana, grapes, dates, peach, cantaloupe, and pineapple are great to use.
2. Isabgol(psyllium)  is also an immediate remedy to relieve constipation. However, it can produce gases in the stomach if the stool is not released after its intake.
3. Syrup of tamarinds and plums also relieves constipation. To make the syrup, add prunes and tamarinds (equal quantity) in water and store it for one night. At morning, remove the seeds of the tamarind, add salt and sugar according to your taste and drink the prepared syrup<

4. Proper habits

From childhood, mothers must develop a habit in their children to go for the toilet early in the morning when they get up. Unnecessarily, going for the bathroom at random times is not recommended. Mothers must play a role here

5. Don’t postpone seeing a toilet

Make a habit of going to the bathroom every morning before or after breakfast. A glass of water in the morning, empty stomach, will do the trick. Some people take tea for such purposes while others read newspapers or go for a walk.

6. Take a proper Breakfast

Diet is the most critical factor in getting relief from constipation. Most people take substantial breakfasts in the morning while others do not even bother to eat anything. Both of these behaviors are wrong. Take a balanced approach! Patients who have joints problems along with constipation must take tea or coffee 3 hours before or after breakfast. This will save them from joints pain and prevent illness. A butter toast, porridge, eggs, and warm milk is best for breakfast. Salad of mix vegetables and fruits is also an excellent constipation reliever.

7. Take a proper Lunch

Your lunch must contain food that develops smoothness and movement in the intestine. The use of vegetables and fruit is better. Use carrots, radish, cucumber, and cabbage as a salad during lunch. After lunch, strictly avoid taking icy cold water. This freezes saturated and unsaturated oil in intestines and restricts the relative movement required during food transport.

8. Take a proper dinner

Your dinner must also contain food that aids in developing change in the intestines. Adding garlic while cooking meat can make the food excellent for guts and can even instantly relieve you from constipation. Vegetables and fruits contain high content of cellulose. This provides bulk to the intestinal content and aids smooth movement of material outside the body

9. Proper intake of water

During constipation, a large consumption of water is also helpful. In the morning, empty stomach, 3-4 glass of water is very beneficial for constipation as well as blood pressure patients. However, drinking water during the day, when you are not feeling thirsty, is not suitable for the stomach.

10. Exercise daily

Young people who daily run, exercise, swim, and get involved in healthy activities never face constipation. Hardly, you would have seen any young man complaining about illness. Make a habit of fast walk during the morning and take long breaths early morning in the fresh air. Long breaths help oxygen to reach inner body parts and speed up the process of intestinal digestion- a great trick to relieve from constipation. A proper supply of oxygen to the large intestine prevents the waste food from getting stale, thereby providing smooth movement of stool outside the body.