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What To Do When Snake, Scorpion Or Centipede Bites?



Emergencies are a part of life. Ever one out there is at a risk of anything unpredictable. You might be living in remote are where no urgent medical help is available, and then one night, something dreadful happens. A snake bites you or a centipede sticks on your skin! What to do now? You cannot answer this life-saving question until you read the paragraphs below.

Memorize these homemade remedies as it worth a life.

When snake bites:

Immediately use cloth and tie it around the bitten area in such a way that the arteries directing towards the heart are blocked. Ask someone else to do this job for you. If you are in a remote area, for example, in a village or forest, use one of the following ways to lower the effect of poison until the aid arrives.

  1. Eat onions as much as you can.
  2. Mix 20g of garlic extract with 20g of honey and taste it. This finishes the poisonous effect of snakebite and lowers the effect of poison.
  3. Add 20g of meshed garlic in cow’s milk. Drink the mixture for immediate effect.

When scorpion bites: 

Make a mixture of garlic and salt by meshing them both together. Apply the resulting mixture gently over the scorpion bitten area. The poisonous effect will soon be finished, and you will feel comfortable.

When centipede sticks in your ear or on your skin:

Sprinkle white sugar on the centipede. It will immediately pull of his legs out of the skin.  Tying onion on the centipede bitten area will relieve the pain.

These are short, straight forward, and easy tricks you can follow when nothing goes well in your way. Do remember one thing; don’t forget to call help! It must be your priority before performing any of the above tricks.