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Will You Let Your Kid Play With A Cellphone?



You probably wouldn’t, yet every day you see young kids whose parents let them play with digital devices like laptops, iPods, and cellphones. It wasn’t that many years ago when it was proven that people who lived nearby to cellphone towers tended to have health problems that were directly attributable to the electromagnetic radiation coming from those towers. A very similar danger faces people who use cellphones and unborn and young children are especially vulnerable.

Scientifically Proven

Scientists and researchers admit that the available research is thus far inconclusive, yet they also agree that more study needs to be done. In a society where young mothers routinely sleep next to their cellphones, unborn children are almost continuously exposed to cellphones carried by their pregnant mommies, and where young children are given cellphones and iPads as constant play-companions, any possible danger attributable to cellphone radiation is something to be concerned with.

Are The Sources Reliable?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that it considers cellphones a ‘possibly carcinogenic,’ but supporters of the cellphone industry point out, correctly, that that warning is only hypothetical….. i.e., that ‘possibly’ does not mean definitely.

So the debate continues. But sufficient circumstantial evidence does exist to give parents cause for caution. In one experiment, researchers separated laboratory mice into two groups of cages. They put cellphones on top of each cage, but on one group of cages, the cellphones were ‘on’ while on the other group of cages, the cellphones were not ‘on.’

The cages contained mice females were allowed to give birth (which unchaperoned mice tend to do) and curiously enough, the young mice born in the cages exposed to the ‘live’ cellphones and the accompanying constant cellphone radiation, the young mice tended to be noticeably more hyperactive than the normal mice in the other group of cages.

Numerous Experiments Prove The Eminent Danger

In another simple but well-designed experiment, high school students in Europe placed two groups of plant seeds in trays. One group of seeds was situated close by a wi-fi router of the type which emits electromagnetic radiation similar to that of a cellphone. The other group of seeds was placed in a different room with no nearby source of any electromagnetic radiation.

The result was that the seeds next to the wi-fi router either did not germinate at all or were mutated when they did grow — very few of this group of seed sprouted usually.

Scientists readily acknowledge that electronic frequencies can disrupt cell DNA. Hence, the worry is that the constant exposure to small but un-natural doses of electromagnetic frequency radiation from cellphones can harm unborn infants and young kids.


Wary consumers and parents are beginning to realize that the wisest thing to do is, as much as possible, not to have devices that emit the potentially harmful waves near to pregnant mothers or young kids. One other possible precautionary measure is the new technology, which neutralizes and dissipates these potentially dangerous waves.

One company that offers this technology to the consumer is Aires Shield from Canada. Their product, Aires Defender, consists of a high-tech microprocessor embedded in a multi-layered adhesive that sticks quickly but unobtrusively to the back of a cellphone or iPad or similar device. It works and has received several awards, and it’s available for purchase online.