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Can Fiber Really Make My Hair Healthier?



There is always so much information, both bad and good, surrounding the importance of fiber. You hear that fiber and fiber-rich supplements can help your heart, improve your energy levels, and give you great hair. The question is, is it true?

The answer is yes. Real fiber and fiber-rich supplements are perhaps some of the best things that you can consume. Fiber works wonders on the body, and when you understand how and why you will gladly increase your intake.

• Fiber Detoxes Your Body.

The bulk from eating foods rich in fiber, or using a fiber-rich supplement helps to transport more waste from your body. As more waste leaves, fewer toxins remain. When your body rids itself of toxins, there is less damage to your organs and to your body at a cellular level. Toxins can leave you feeling lethargic, leave your skin and hair dull, and can stunt the growth of your nails.

• Fiber Contains Important Nutrients.

When you consume natural foods that are high in fiber, you are also providing your body with additional nutrients that will help you look and feel better. Raw vegetables have many different antioxidant properties, as well as specific vitamins that give shine and volume to hair, help to strengthen nails, and keep skin more elastic.

• Fiber Is Good For Your Heart.

Fiber reduces bad cholesterol and keeps your heart healthy. Lowered cholesterol can also raise your energy, improve your mental outlook, and help you to maintain good skin. You can read more about how good fiber is for your heart in just about any health magazine, or the health section of many newspapers.

• Fiber Is Good For Insulin Levels.

A majority of fiber comes from fruits and vegetables. Your body digests and uses these foods much differently than processed foods, or foods that are high in carbohydrates. Since it takes longer to process fiber-rich foods, your insulin levels stay more stabilized. This is very beneficial for those who have diabetes, and also for those who are trying to prevent the disease.

• Fiber Promotes Healthy Weight.

Since your body requires more energy to process these foods, and your insulin levels remain stable, you will maintain a more healthy weight when you consume these types of foods.

• Fiber Helps Fight Cancer.

Many forms of cancer can trace their origins back to high levels of toxins and low levels of antioxidants in the body. By consuming enough fiber each day, you lessen your risk for many types of cancers.

• Fiber Supplements Help.

If you cannot consume at least 25 grams of whole fiber a day, many studies have shown that taking a fiber-rich supplement will provide nearly the same benefits as eating the whole foods.

If you want healthy, shiny hair, strong and clear nails, and skin that is radiant and supple, make sure that there is enough fiber in your diet each day. Fiber removes toxins from your body in the most effective and natural way. The removal of these toxins is what allows you to have healthy hair and skin, as well as a more healthy body.