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Choosing the Right Rehabilitation Facility for Your Teen



Raising children is hard enough and heartbreaking as it is; if your teen suffers from drug addiction, you are dealing with a whole different component of fear and devastation. The thought of your child throwing his life away for drugs, or even worse, losing it to them, is too much to bear. Getting help as soon as possible is paramount to living a clean life as an adult. Choosing the right rehab facility may seem like a daunting task, but with a few important considerations in mind, you can choose the one that will best meet his needs.

Facilities Close By or Far Away?

One of the first decisions you will have to make is whether you want him in a facility close by or one that is farther away. There really is no one best answer, and it will depend on what you think is best in your individual circumstances. A facility close-by will enable you and other people to visit your child, which may be beneficial since a teenager typically needs more support during the process than an adult. There may be opportunities for family counseling, which can address any issues in the family and help create an atmosphere that will support her recovery.

On the other hand, a treatment center farther away may be beneficial in some cases; being far removed from his current circumstances and people in his life can present a strong opportunity for reflection. Sometimes a distant treatment center may be a better fit than one closer to home, and going here is what is best for your child.

Look for Programs that Address the Underlying Cause

There is always something that triggers drug addiction — that is obvious. But, not all centers put as much focus on addressing these issues as they should. The focus is more on beating the addiction; important of course, but without getting to the root of the issue, relapse is almost a certainty. If your teen suffers from depression, for example, it is imperative that you choose a program that will deal with this as well, not just the drugs.

Choose a Program Your Teen Believes In

There are many approaches and philosophies to treating addiction, and the person resonating with that method is a key component of successful treatment. When choosing your rehab center, make sure your teen feels good about the method and feels confident it can help him. You may have a strong belief in the power of religion and God to heal everything, and want to get him into a faith-based program; but, if your teen does not share this conviction as strongly, or at all, the chances of success are low.

Offerings of the Center

While a trip to rehab is not meant to be a vacation, you should look for centers that will provide a pleasant experience. You do not want him to feel like he is in jail. A place that offers lots of activities to keep the residents busy is a better bet. A more enjoyable rehab experience will increase the chances for success.

Also, it will show your teen that there are plenty of things he can do to occupy his time rather than do drugs; he may discover a new skill or passion there, and this is particularly important for teenagers, who do not feel as much pressure to get better because of responsibilities such as careers and families. You want to show your teen that life can be good without drugs.