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Green Coffee – A Boon For Weight Losers!



The new buzz in the herbal products market is the green coffee and its many health benefits. Green coffee is nothing but coffee processed and extracted from unroasted and immature coffee beans. Coffee and tea are the two most popular health beverages in the world and our second most popular drink next to the water.

South America is the largest producer of coffee and is responsible for 45% of the world’s total coffee production and exports, the major contributor being Brazil. Arabica and the Robusta; are namely the two most important varieties of the coffee plants. These two varieties play a huge role in the economics of coffee production and export. Coffee is mostly cultivated in tropical climates that are humid enough for the coffee plants to flourish. The plants need heavy rains while the fruits are in the developing stage, and lesser rains as the coffee beans ripen. They can be harvested throughout the year.

Coffee trees require 3–4 years to start bearing fruits; after they have been planted. And they bear fruits for another 10 to 20 years in a row.

There are various processes by which coffee is made. And this is what separates each type of coffee from one another. The coffee beans that are mature enough are plucked and dried. Then these dried coffee beans are then roasted till their color turns to a darker shade of brown. This process of roasting destroys and reduces the amount of a critical and essential component of coffee which is the theophylline, an antioxidant. The next step is to take these well-roasted coffee beans to a grinding unit that processes the coffee powder.

The process of making green coffee is a little different from that of normal coffee. Generally, the coffee beans are plucked only after they are mature enough. But to makes green coffee, the coffee beans are plucked when they are quite young and green, instead of waiting for them to mature and ripen up all the way. Then these raw green beans are processed to get the extract from green coffee from the green coffee beans. And of late, these extracts are then formed into pills and are sold in the market.

The green coffee bean extract is known for its extremely beneficial health effects. The green coffee bean extracts help in reducing weight and fight many degenerative diseases. Scientists have proven it that green, unroasted coffee beans or green coffee beans extracts are efficient bodyweight reducers that can help reduce the body weight in record time.

Because of this fact, organic coffee is in huge demand in the markets, all over the world. The many health benefits of the green coffee beans are due to the presence of antioxidants in the green coffee bean extracts. The doses of pure antioxidants drawn from the green coffee beans are extracted and are sold in the form of pills.

Studies have shown that consumption of a few milligrams of ground green coffee beans helps reduce almost ten percent of their weight each day. These studies have been conducted on heavy or obese people. Regular intake of green coffee beans extracts along with a proper low-fat diet and well-balanced exercise works like a charm. Also, the green coffee extract helps to keep the measure of side effects like diabetic problems, CVD, liver illnesses under check.

The antioxidants present in the green coffee extracts also help boost one’s immunity and hence shield from various minor and major airborne diseases. It also sparks your metabolism and keeps it running well along with burning the fat deposits of the body. High metabolic rates are directly proportional to calories burnt. Metabolism is the speed at just which your body is able to breakdown the meals that you consume. The higher the metabolic process, the higher number of calories is burnt.

However green coffee also contains compounds such as caffeine which is known to have stimulating effects on humans. However, the presence of this very caffeine and another compound known as diterpene in coffee can actually worsen cases of anxiety.