How to Diet Cheaply and Conveniently

Whenever you speak to someone who wants to be in better shape they will often give lots of reasons for their being in the shape they’re in. One of these is often the fact that apparently healthy food is much too expensive and far too impractical and that they don’t have the time or the money to eat healthily.

And at first glance it would be easy to see where they’re coming from – say you’re out and about in town, your options for a quick meal are really limited to KFC, McDonald’s, Burger King or Subway (the ‘healthy’ choice). Likewise if you want a quick and easy meal without paying too much to eat when you get home and you’re looking around Tesco, then really the only options are ready meals which by their very nature contain a lot of fat, salt and sugar to give them flavour and help them last.

But if you really want to lose weight and to live a healthier lifestyle then having a ‘quick glance’ at the food options really is not enough and it’s important to spend much longer thinking about how you can make your diet healthier and cheaper. The good news is that there are actually many ways you can eat healthy things quickly and cheaply. Here we will look at what they are.

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Eating Out

If you are eating out then there are actually many options other than McDonalds. Many pub meals for instance are just as cheap and just as quick as a McDonald’s and the even better news is that they often have a number of low calorie options to choose from. When you’re eating out with friends just choose the healthiest option on the menu and choose to have a nice warming cup of tea instead of a sickly chocolate cake for desert.

At the same time if you’re in town and starving and you want to grab a snack, don’t go for a takeaway but rather buy the materials you need from a supermarket. You can for instance by some fresh bread and some ham far more cheaply than anything on the menu at McDonald’s and it’s much healthier and quicker too. The trick is not to go to the snacks isle, but rather to look in the bread and meats isles to get the cheap prices. Choose a few things that you like and then you can quickly find them next time you need to eat quickly.

Eating In

And eating in can also be much cheaper if you’re smart. When people say that unhealthy meals are far cheaper than healthy ones, then they must be forgetting that a banana only costs fifty cents if that, and that they can get a tin of chopped tomatoes for about the same price and wholegrain pasta for not much more. Some chopped tomatoes on some pasta is a tasty and healthy meal that takes no time at all to make, while others include beans on toast, soup, salads, carbonara, tuna pasta bake and more. All of them are easy to make and very healthy, and you can find plenty more cheap and healthy recipes online.

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