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Marvellous Massage Therapy Treatments for Happy Patients



Massage is a beneficial treatment for a number of aches and pains. This is a fact. It doesn’t matter if you visit a healthcare professional or your local spa; one thing is sure and that is you’ll feel a lot better afterward!

The Pain of Arthritis

However, can it really benefit the patient suffering from any of the forms of arthritis? Is it better to do it yourself with an electric massager or visit a licensed professional for the therapy?

Without a doubt, massage is one of the most popular forms of complementary therapy in the country. When conducted in a warm, softly lit room, it can banish anxiety and give relief to aching muscles and painful, swollen joints. This can even assist restful sleep at night, something which is difficult to attain when in constant pain.

Even at home and used on a regular basis, an electric massager can give the same relief. The slow, steady action of the device stimulates blood flow and creates warmth in the tissues. Home therapy is especially valuable if mobility makes it difficult to leave the house to attend a clinic or spa for the massage. It means you don’t have to miss out.

Many arthritis sufferers have days when the pain and stiffness in the joints make movement difficult and this can lead to increased stress and anxiety. A soothing massage can make all the difference and goes some way to keeping the joint more mobile and flexible.

Current thinking seems to suggest that regular massage affects the production of certain hormones that are linked to anxiety, heart rate, and hypertension. Perhaps, this is why people feel so much better, having undergone massage therapy.

Medically Proven

Medical tests have proven results where one group of adults with arthritis have undergone regular massage and the others have had none. Without exception, the group that had massage treatments reported better movement, suppleness, and function. This also gave the added benefit of better sleep quality and lowered stress levels.

In another test, a group of adults with painful hand joints or arthritis in the wrist were given regular massages over a short period of time. They were also taught how to massage themselves and all reported better grip and hand function and reduced anxiety and pain.

It seems that it doesn’t matter which sort of massage is given as it is all beneficial. The key element is to have it done regularly for maximum and prolonged benefit and to learn to self-massage if at all possible. Being able to gently massage an aching joint in the correct manner whilst watching television in addition to massages received at a clinic by a healthcare professional is certainly going to relieve symptoms and improve quality of life.

Living in constant pain and discomfort and having to take each day as it comes can really be a thing of the past. Massage will not hurt but only benefit.

So, if massage therapy is given by a therapist or by an electric massager, the outcome will be the same and life will be a whole lot happier for the arthritis sufferer.