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Benefits Of A Career In Dental Hygiene



Many young women decide to go into dental hygiene every year for a variety of different reasons.  The decision to apply to dental assistant school isn’t made on the spur of the moment and is usually considered for a number of years beforehand.  This career offers many challenges, but it also offers many benefits.

Respectable Salary

A career in dental hygiene pays well.  You have big responsibilities, but you will earn a wage that enables you to lead a relatively comfortable lifestyle.  The higher pay scale also puts you a few notches higher on the social scale, as the profession is usually respected in all different walks of life.

Always in Demand

As long as there are people who need clean teeth and gums, a career in dental hygiene will always be in demand.  You may not always get to work exactly where you want to, but finding work to match your skills shouldn’t be a problem.  In some cases, you may even get placement help before you leave dental assistant school.

Can Choose Your Schedule

Depending on where you end up working, you may be able to choose your own hours and work part-time, if that’s what you want.  Sometimes, hygienists with young families at home want to work, but don’t really want to devote 40 or more hours a week to it.

Dependable Hours

You should also be able to depend on the hours you do get.  Most dental offices have pretty strict hours and are always closed on the weekends, leaving you ample time to pursue interests and a lifestyle outside of work.

Makes a Difference

One thing you should keep in mind as you make your way through dental assistant school and beyond is that a career in dental hygiene really does make a difference.  Some may say you’re just cleaning people’s dirty teeth, but more and more evidence is emerging about the importance of oral health in the prevention of serious health issues, and it all starts with hygiene.

You will feel a great sense of personal satisfaction for helping to keep your patient’s teeth free of disease and bacteria, and keeping their overall health in check in the process.  And that is probably the biggest benefit of them all.