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Top 5 Activities to Have Fun and Avoid Depression



A Feeling of Hopelessness

Depression is like the ultimate catch-22. When you are truly depressed, you don’t feel like doing anything. You enjoy being sedentary because it means you don’t have to be involved. So you spend the majority of time lounging around indoors. However, this simple act may be preventing you from recovering from your depression.

There are many things that can treat depression, including medication, counseling, and, most importantly, getting out and about. When you force yourself to face the world and be active, you may very well find yourself feeling happier. Even if you don’t have the symptoms of depression yet, participating in these fun activities may help stave off the condition.

Take a Hike

Literally. When you take a hike you are killing two birds with one stone: you are active and outdoors. Both activities have been proven to decrease depression symptoms. The great thing about a hike is that you can choose your difficulty level. If you have medical conditions that prevent you from being very active, find a simple nature trail that has little to no elevation change. If you can handle it, the reward of a spectacular view at the end of a challenging hike is well worth the effort.

Dance the Night Away

There are few forms of exercise that are more fun than dancing. Remember, the key is to get yourself out and about and get your body moving. If you are up for it, you can check out the local nightclubs with your friends or significant other. If the club scene is not for you, you can always sign up for dance classes. You can find classes covering everything from ballroom to hip-hop to jazz. Just find something that you enjoy and get your groove on.

Get Happy at the Happiest Place on Earth

You can’t help but be joyful when you visit a theme park. The feeling of nostalgia and the laughter all around you are sure to make you smile. Of course, Disneyland (world) is the epitome of happy places, but even if you do not live close to it there are still plenty of amusement parks to keep you entertained. An amusement park will provide you with sunshine, physical activity, and memories that will keep you smiling for days.

Take in an American Pastime

Are sports more your thing? Gather up some friends and head out to the ball game. Buy some cheap tickets for the bleacher seats and spend your time walking around the stadium checking out the game from all angles. Of course, you won’t want to skip out on the peanuts and popcorn that make the experience so much more fun.

Dive In

Swimming is another fun way to get your body moving. Swimming is great because anyone in any physical condition can do it. The weightlessness you will feel in the water is invigorating and ideal for someone with bad joints. Swimming can be done at any time of the year with indoor pools, but it is always better for your mood if you can swim outdoors.

The vitamin D that the sun emits is a natural mood booster. If you can swing it, the beach is another great destination that provides you with even more fun activities, like building sandcastles and surfing.

Even if you don’t feel like doing any of these things (a sure sign of depression), if you force yourself to do them, you will notice a difference. It doesn’t really matter what you do for fun as long as you do something. So get out there, get your body moving, and make some memories.