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Sometimes even the most modern medicine cannot always help someone when they really need it most. You have been going to an Infertility Denver clinic for some time now. You have tried everything that the experts recommended, but you finally have to face the news that you are unable to conceive. This news is devastating to you, but before you let go of your parenthood dreams, you do have other options to consider. The clinic can still be of service to you, but in a way that you never expected.

Solutions to Your Infertility Problems

The infertility Denver clinic you have been working with for over six months has resulted in your inability to get pregnant and a lot of emotion because you feel like you have done everything you can. You may have to face some hard facts that can be upsetting to you to think about. However, because you have not been getting pregnant, the medical professionals at the clinic have begun to talk to you about other options. No matter what these professionals have to tell you, you need to reserve judgment until you have all the information and facts.

Here are some options you may be offered from this specialty clinic:

•    Egg donation: You cannot conceive a child without an egg. However, the problem that is keeping you from getting pregnant may be that your eggs are not being released, there are cysts in your ovaries or many more reasons that are keeping your eggs from leaving your ovaries and going to where they need to go in order to become fertilized. The infertility Denver clinic may talk to you about egg donation. With egg donation, you can get a healthy egg from a donor. The egg that you get can be placed in your body, which will allow it to be fertilized as if it was your very own. Many people use this option, and they are able to get pregnant.

•    Surrogate mothers: You might have a medical condition that does not allow you to carry a child. However, just because your body is unable to handle a baby does not mean that your dreams of motherhood are over. Your body cannot carry a child, but there are many women out there that are willing to carry someone else’s baby. Surrogate mothers are becoming an option for women who desperately want a child, but who cannot risk their own life in order to do so. Remember, just because you do not have the baby inside of you that it is still not your child. You are still the mother of this baby even if another person carries it for you.

After long months of working with an infertility Denver clinic, you have to face the sad news that you have to look into other options to become a parent. If your eggs are the reason why you are not pregnant, then you can use a donated egg. Many women do not want to become a mom and will donate their eggs to clinics. If your body cannot handle a baby, then you do have the option of using a surrogate mother. Though no matter what option you choose, you will still become a mom like you always wanted.