New Life To Make It Perfect

The importance of artificial limbs, wheelchairs or any support device cannot be denied in human life. It has given a new life, new dream, new believe to millions of people. There are millions of people who met with an accident and the entire game changed. Did not have any clue whatsoever that how to construct the life.

Many lost hands or maybe legs or may be some other issue that made them losing their life system. This is not only a physical breakdown but also mental. Artificial limbs or wheelchairs or other support system had been putting life seed to those people from many years. It cannot make the people move very natural but close to natural. Experimentation is still going on to make it as perfect as possible.

Otto Bock is a 90 years old multinational German healthcare proving support o those people who lost physical efficiency but have a huge appetite in mind to do something in this life. Otto Bock is one of the best is project and trusted by millions with its product.

It’s a global business initiative available all park of the world. 90 years back they started with a mission to provide the freedom of movement to those people unable to move. After 90 years they are far way successful than they thought. Otto Bock provides their health center to all the capital cities all over the world doctors and experts are there to examine your problem and help you with proper support system. The popular support device Otto Bock provides are-

  • Artificial limbs for hand and leg
  • Wheelchair customized as per need
  • Specialized support system for rare cases

Artificial limbs are sophisticated, adjustable and can be customized as per the need or depending on the type of problem. Multiple kinds of limbs are available.

Artificial limbs for lower extremity: it is an alternative for the leg. The benefits are provided by this kind of artificial limbs are like

  • Provides comfort for long wearing hours,
  • Makes the user capable waking on the rough surface, slopes etc.,
  • Speed variation is highly possible during walk,
  • Has got the power to absorb shock to provide comfort,
  • Even cross leg sitting is also possible,
  • Capable of providing natural postures,
  • Safety is also provided.

The various kind of lower leg limbs are

  • Partial foot artificial limb
  • Below knee artificial limb
  • Through knee artificial limb
  • Above knee artificial limb
  • Through hip artificial limb

Hands are one of the most important parts of the body that we cannot deny. Artificial limbs for upper extremity have its own importance. The types of artificial limbs available for upper extremity are –

  • Artificial arm of cosmetic limb
  • Artificial arm of mechanical limb
  • Artificial arm of electronic limb
  • Artificial arm of Myo-electric limb

Wheelchairs provide an easy mobility. It also helps in posture control.  The types of wheelchair are

  • Joystick control wheelchair
  • Manual lightweight wheelchair
  • Sport wheelchair
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