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How A Personal Trainer Can Keep You Motivated



Deciding to work with a personal trainer isn’t easy, especially with the number of fitness programs that can be done at home. However, hiring a personal trainer gives you more than a list of exercises to repeat–it gives you someone who’s invested in your fitness goals and wants to work with you to help you succeed. A great trainer will do their best to ensure you’re motivated and they’ll keep you on the path to your goals.

How It Works

When you sign up with a trainer, the first thing you’ll do is an assessment. This gives your trainer a chance to get to know you, to figure out what your goals are, what exercises you like, and which ones you don’t. After the initial assessment, your trainer will take the time to create a work out and nutrition plan that suits your life. You’ll meet with your personal trainer on a regular basis to work out, make adjustments to your plan, and reevaluate your fitness goals.


One of the most important parts of a healthy lifestyle is finding the motivation to exercise. Your personal trainer will be there for you even during the times you want to quit–and that added encouragement may be what puts you over the hump. They’re the friend that cheers you on during your final lap when you’d rather collapse than take another step. They’re there for you when you’re using every ounce of strength to squeeze out another rep. A personal trainer will find what motivates you and use it to keep you moving towards a healthier lifestyle.


Many people go to the gym blind. They arrive, run on a treadmill then lift some weights with no real idea of what they’re trying to accomplish. This lack of direction kills any kind of progress. After your initial assessment, your personal trainer will map out a plan of action. You’ll know what workouts you’re supposed to do and when you’re supposed to do them. Your personal trainer will hold you accountable for all of your successes and failures by tracking them–and they’ll use these milestones to keep you on track towards your ultimate goal: a better life.