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Drug Rehabilitation Options For Your Teen



If you’ve recently found out that your teen is suffering from drug addiction, you know how painful and difficult it is. Dealing with an addiction is serious, and when someone in the family suffers from it, everyone in the family suffers from it. You may be at a loss, wondering where to turn to get the best help for your child. Doing your homework on the best ways to cope with the addiction, and help your loved one, are essential to helping him or she overcomes the trial.

In addition, it is a smart idea to research the different drug rehabilitation centers that are available for your teen. Here is a brief list of these different options, which will hopefully help you make the right choice for your child’s unique situation.

Residential Teen Drug Treatment

If your teen suffers from a severe addiction, it is best to seriously consider a residential rehabilitation center. It is a highly-controlled environment where access to such substances will be impossible. Your child will be put on a detox program and will receive counseling. These sessions arm your teen with the necessary skills to fight the addiction and fight the possibility of relapsing once treatment is finished.

As a parent, you must communicate openly with your teen. Tell your child the inpatient rehab decision is not a punishment or way to “get rid” of him or her. Visit often and sit in on sessions. Be understanding. Realize that the rehabilitation process will not be an overnight deal. Depending on the substance, time-length of the addiction, and other factors, your teen could be in the center for a month or several months.

Luxury Drug Rehabilitation

A luxury drug rehabilitation center focuses on making your teen comfortable. Basically, it offers a peaceful, nice environment that allows your teen to forget troubles (as much as possible) and focus on improving emotional health. Your teen will be treated like a person rather than a number or a problem to be solved. The food is good, the beds comfortable, and several classes such as yoga are offered to help your child get back to a healthy, well-rounded life more quickly.

Holistic Teen Drug Rehabilitation

A holistic rehabilitation center is much like a luxury center in the fact that it focuses on a natural approach to healing and overall health. An emphasis is placed on yoga, meditation, nutritional counseling, and acupuncture. This practice is becoming increasingly popular in centers. Again, it helps the teen focus on getting better and feeling better, rather than simply focusing on the addiction.

Outpatient Teen Drug Rehabilitation

If your teen has exhibited willpower in working to overcome the addiction, or if your teen has already completed an inpatient rehabilitation process, you might be interested in an outpatient rehabilitation center. Your teen would continue to live at home, rather than in a facility and would travel to classes that would help him or her overcome the addiction. Benefits of this type of rehab include a smaller fee and many of the same classes that would be offered in an inpatient facility. These would include services such as one-on-one therapy sessions, group therapy, life skills coaching, and relapse prevention.

Choosing the right rehabilitation center for your teen can be a daunting task at first. However, as you do your homework and get in contact with various centers, you will find the right one for your child, which will set him or her on the road to recovery.