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The Role Of Security Screening Equipment In The Pharmaceutical Industry



Security screening equipment plays a vital role in many different industries, with the pharmaceutical industry being right there among the front runners.  It goes without saying that pharmaceutical products must be absolutely flawless when it comes to quality, and even the slightest variation can result in major problems for the manufacturer, and the public if it ever got out into the marketplace.

That is why high-quality security screening equipment is so important in the pharmaceutical industry.  Without it, a business is taking an enormous risk.

Primary Role

As mentioned above, the primary role of security screening equipment in the pharmaceutical industry is to prevent problems with the quality of the products being mixed and manufactured.  Good security screening equipment will have the proper mesh size for the product, so it can screen and dump without reducing the overall particle size.

With the complex cocktail of medicines that go into various tablets and capsules and powders, this stage of the process is absolutely paramount.

Potential Issues

When security screening equipment goes wrong, the results can be catastrophic.  In a ‘best case scenario’, the screening issue will be discovered while the product is still in the plant and the batch will be lost.  This will end up costing the company money and will hold up a shipment or two, but there won’t end up being any casualties.

In a ‘worst-case scenario’ a shipment that has gone through poor quality security screening equipment will get out into the public and make someone sick or even worse.  This will damage a company’s reputation and could also lead to lawsuits that might damage their very existence.  It’s crucial that security screening equipment does its job and allows the manufacturing process to roll along without too many interruptions, and without any poor quality product getting out.

What to Look For

When you are looking for a security screening equipment supplier for your manufacturing process, look for one that has experience in the industry and a proven track record of success.  You can’t afford to get this type of equipment from a supplier that has had issues in the past.  You’ll also need a supplier that offers support whenever you need it, to ensure it is running at full capacity all the time.  Look for equipment that doesn’t consume a lot of power and is easy to keep clean.  You also want a machine that is free from vibration and priced competitively within the industry.