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Breast Implants – What You Need To Know About



Breast implant surgery is a very personal decision. It should be based solely on your desire to be happy with yourself and your body. Breast implant surgery can be perfect for you for many reasons. Here are some of the benefits of getting a breast implant surgery done:
The main advantage of this cosmetic surgery is that the implanted breasts will look natural because the scars will disappear after a while. There are also some additional benefits as follows:

  • Only sterile techniques with advanced instruments will be used. There will be a separate unit to take proper care of the patient during the surgery.
  • The operation will take the form of a daycare procedure. During treatment, one should avoid all types of upper body exercises and rough touching. Even desk jobs and other light activities should be avoided for a few days.
  • Most of the medical centers will perform this procedure on an outpatient basis by giving a local anesthetic to the patient.
  • A track is used to place the prosthesis (implant) in the right place. It will normally be held under the muscle or breast tissue. The cut can also be done under the armpit or muscle.
  • The whole process takes no more than two hours to complete.

While there is not much that can go wrong before or during surgery, make sure that you have had all the necessary tests done to ensure your good overall health. A coagulation status, anemia, high blood sugar, or signs of breast cancer can prove to be dangerous if not controlled in time. Ensure that you turn to a board accredited and experienced doctor. This will remove any chance for errors during the operation.

The risks associated with breast implants can sometimes be very dangerous. Some of the complications that can occur are:

Capsular contracture

This is another one common complication that can occur even months after surgery. As its natural reaction to a foreign body, the body develops a scar or scar capsule around the breast implant. In some cases, this capsule begins to tighten and then pushes the implant to make it harder. This condition not only distorts the shape of the breasts but can also be very painful. If this happens, you will require additional surgery and implant removal.


When implants are old, they are likely to be ruptured. It may also be due to an injury or trauma to the chest area, or a defect in the implant. Only an MRI can detect a break in the silicone implants. Ruptured implants must be removed immediately to avoid serious consequences.


Implants can attract bacteria which can lead to disease. If you experience persistent pain, redness, or fever a few days after surgery, you must contact the doctor as there may be an infection. The more serious infections can lead to toxic shock syndrome, which can lead to gangrene, or even be fatal. This condition would also require the removal of implants.

Other problems

Apart from these, some women experience breast hardness, pain, and numbness in the nipples. These symptoms can sometimes be permanent. In addition, implants can make it difficult to breast-feed if you are planning to have a baby in the future.

It is very important to consider all these variables before you decide to have breast implant surgery. Get a board-certified, skilled doctor to reduce the chances of something going wrong, but in the end, it is important that you make an informed decision