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Five Things To Avoid With Urinary Incontinence



Urinary incontinence is an unspoken problem that affects millions around the world. This is a condition in which people have little to no control over their bladder. The condition is inconvenient enough, but some irritants can make it worse than it is natural for the person.

Some of the irritants are surprising. The orange you have with your breakfast or the pill you take for a headache might be making your urinary troubles even worse.

Fizzy Drinks

A can of soda can affect those with urinary continence more so than the average person. Due to the caffeine content, it will increase the amount of urine in their bladder, which is already difficult for them to handle. Additionally, studies have shown that carbonation worsens the symptoms of incontinence. The recommendation is to cut out artificial foods and colorings, along with chemicals and caffeine to see if the condition improves.

Spicy Food

Spicy food can be an irritant to many of our bodily functions. It can flare up acid reflex or make IBS even worse. It’s of no surprise that it also makes the symptoms of incontinency even worse. Studies have shown that those with ailment face worsening conditions when they decide to eat spicy food. This is not the case for everyone, but a large number of patients reported having much worse conditions after eating chili pepper, curry, and so on.


Diuretics is a great tool in helping remove excess fluid from within your body. However, when it comes to an already hard to control the bladder, overfilling it will only make matters worse. Additionally, it creates extra pressure on the bladder, causing stress to the organ. This type of condition can have long term effects on the functionality of the bladder.


Your bladder can be quite fickle. Any type of new pH can really irritate someone who does not have bladder control issues, let alone someone who is a frequent sufferer of the condition. This harsh pH content can be found in citrus fruit but also cranberry juice, commonly known as a cure for many urination problems. Cutting out the irritants to the bladder could exponentially save someone on the cost of incontinence supplies by cutting down the frequency of symptoms.

Excedrin and Chocolate

Excedrin and chocolate are actually diuretics as well due to the caffeine content. While milk chocolate only has the caffeine content of a decaf cup of coffee, the hit of caffeine can quickly worsen the symptoms.  Caffeine is a bit of a double-hitter, both acting as a diuretic, which creates stress on the organ, and also an irritant. Cutting as much out as possible may help control the severity of incontinence symptoms.