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How Vacations Can Help You Live Longer



High amounts of stress can greatly affect your overall health. When you’re stressed out, you’re more likely to become ill. Stress can also affect your mental state, causing you to become irritable, depressed, and anxious. However, there’s an easy solution to help relieve stress and improve your health and mental state. Vacations are a surefire way to help you minimize stress and ultimately live longer. Here’s how.

Vacations Rejuvenate the Mind and Body

It’s easy to fall into a redundant routine in your ordinary life. Over time, this routine can build up immense stress and discontent. Taking a vacation is an excellent way to break the monotony in your life, and to get mental and physical rejuvenation.

Mentally speaking, our minds crave dopamine. When you travel, you’re challenging your mind by learning a new culture and sometimes language. This mental stimulation will release dopamine into the body that helps rejuvenate you and causes happiness. Vacations also provide the mind with excellent memories that enrich every area of life.

Many people have trouble fitting exercise into their ordinary schedules. However, when many people travel, they visit destinations that require physical activities. This physical endurance could include hiking, camping, or swimming — all great methods of exercise and bodily rejuvenation.

Vacations Reduce Heart Disease

There’s a direct link between stress and heart disease. Regular vacations are an excellent way to reduce the risk of heart disease because it releases stress. Research shows men who take at least one vacation every year are 30 percent less likely to die from a heat-related illness. The vacation doesn’t need to belong or expensive; whether someone takes a Celebrity Cruise line or a casual weekend getaway, the important thing is to take a vacation.

Vacations Improve Work

This may seem contradictory at the surface, but studies show that vacations are an excellent way to improve your professional work. When someone doesn’t take a vacation, it not only affects their health but also their job. Here are some ways this happens:

  • Your creativity and innovation go down
  • You experience a decline in productivity
  • You develop negative feelings toward the job
  • You run a greater risk of burnout and discontent

Taking a vacation can help clear the mind from the stress and pressure of work. And people who are happy with their jobs are more likely to live longer than those who dislike their vocation.

Vacations Strengthen Relationships

Traveling is a great way to strengthen relationships between family members and significant others. The stress of daily lives can build up over time between families and partners. Vacations allow people to relax and are an excellent release of built-up stress. The memories created on vacations last a lifetime and are nostalgic triggers that can cause exponential happiness. People who have stable and pleasurable relationships live longer and happier lives.

It can often be difficult to justify taking vacations.  However, vacations are more than just an enjoyable getaway. They’re a form of medicine, as it were, that promotes a healthier and longer life. So now that you know this, where are you planning to go on your next getaway?