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Dragon Boat Racing: A Great Way To Get In Shape



Dragon boating has been deemed the world’s fastest-growing water sport by many different sources, and Dragon Boat Festivals have been a part of Asian culture for thousands of years.  In modern North American society, the dragon boat has become a great way to get out on the water and get in great shape.

It has also become a popular corporate activity, with events spread out over the spring and summer months.

The Details

A dragon boat can hold up to 20 paddlers, sitting two abreast along the length of the boat.  They each hold the paddle with two hands and must attempt to row in perfect unison to get the most speed and propel the boat forward.  If a mixed crew is being used, most organizations require at least eight of the paddlers to be female.

When dragon boating is used as a corporate event, several different companies compete in a day-long or weekend-long event or festival.  Each team has a certain number of races, and at the end of the event, one company or team is declared the winner.

Teamwork Required

For a team to be successful at dragon boating, teamwork is essential.  A group of weaker paddlers working in unison will defeat a couple of stronger paddlers that are out of sync in a dragon boat race every single time.

The teamwork that is created in the dragon boat also extends back to the workplace, which is the point of the whole dragon boat / corporate event idea.  The thought is that if employees can learn to work together in the boat to overcome obstacles, they can do it in the office or at the store or on the factory floor, as well.

Building Camaraderie

Along with teamwork, a sense of camaraderie will form, which will also show back in the workplace.  As the employees learn that they can count on their co-workers in times of need, they will create a bond that can help to increase efficiency and productivity at work.

It is essential to include your employees in different team-building activities and corporate events that are outside the realm of the typical workplace.  Dragon boating certainly fits that description, and it also provides a slew of health benefits in the process.  Look into corporate dragon boating events in your area, and you’ll discover corporate benefits you’d never even considered.