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Good Medical Laboratory Supplies Make For A Good Medical Laboratory



Have you heard any news about the sequester going away? We haven’t either. This sequester isn’t going away anytime soon, so research funding won’t improve in the short term. Because of this, laboratories have to make do with what they have, so it’s important to take care of the equipment in the most cost-effective manner possible. You’re literally saving lives with what you’re doing. If you run or work in a medical laboratory, here are a few ideas to keep your lab running as smoothly as possible to ensure quality results.

  • Get a system in place so lab employees take proper care of lab equipment: Although this is probably a given, your employees should have an idea of how to take care of lab equipment to ensure maximum life. In order to achieve this, create a Best Practices Manual that stresses how employees should care for the lab equipment. This way there are no doubts if there are any questions.
  • Get your equipment properly calibrated: This will help you in two ways. First off, it will ensure that you get accurate results on any testing a lab worker might perform. Think of your lab equipment like any other piece of machinery. Over time, it’s possible and likely that your lab equipment will not perform as well as it once did. That’s because medical laboratory supplies do need calibration every now and then. It isn’t cost-effective to calibrate in-house. Hire a third-party vendor that can offer you good rates and set up a calibration schedule to make sure your medical lab equipment is performing at the level you need it to.
  • Set up a maintenance schedule: Another thing that will ensure that your equipment is at optimal levels and enjoys maximum lifetimes is a proper maintenance schedule. Oftentimes, if you catch a small problem early, it can be fixed before it turns into a major issue or a complete malfunction requiring a new piece of equipment. By being mindful of small problems and having a set maintenance schedule from a proper repair company, you’ll be able to save money.
  • Purchase medical laboratory supplies from a trusted dealer: Even if you have Best Practices, get your equipment calibrated, and set up a maintenance schedule, there might be a time when you do have to get new medical equipment or supplies. If this does happen, it’s important to find a supplier who can provide medical supplies at a fair price. Shop around and you should be able to find one that meets your needs.