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Natural Remedies To Cure Migraines



At some point in our lives, a migraine can stop us in our tracks and leave us bedridden for days, and you won’t know how or even why you’ve got it.

Before we can look into any natural remedies that you may be able to use to cure them, it’s important we know how exactly we might contract a migraine.


Stress is a predominant factor in migraines and usually will result in recurring migraines, with varied intensity, over a long period of time. In addition to this, things like depression, excitement, and tiredness/poor quality of sleep can lead to some migraines.

Hormones, though never actually proven by scientists, are said to be linked with migraines as many women say they experience severe migraines before their period. The NHS reports that one in seven women experience a migraine before their period.

Other causes can be due to a poor diet in that you have irregular meals, too much caffeine products, or even too much alcohol.


There a whole host of natural, home remedies that you can try which may either dull the effects of migraine or possibly cure it completely. Some may be more effective than others as they will be subjected to a lot of individual differences.

  • Headband: This method has been around for centuries to cure headaches and all it involves is putting a headband, sweatband, or something that can fairly tight, wrapped around your forehead.
  • Drinking Plenty: Caffeine is a funny one as some say it can cause the onset of their migraine, whilst others say that it can lessen the pain, due to the restriction of blood vessels. Of course, water is a safe bet for anyone and everyone for most ailments.
  • Fish Oil: As well as the omega 3 is a valuable source of nutrition, which could improve your diet to prevent more migraines, the fish oil can reduce the inflammation caused in the brain when a migraine strikes.
  • Anemia: Many experts believe that anemia (lack of blood vessels in the hemoglobin) can lead to migraines so perhaps trying to increase your iron intake would help. You can get iron from red meat, seafood, green vegetables, whole grains, or even supplements like Beetroot extract.
  • Magnesium: Scientists have found that in menstruating women taking magnesium capsules every day has significantly reduced migraines. Though caution must be noted when taking any supplements as they can lead to unpleasant side effects so consult a doctor or pharmacist.
  • Exercise: Going for a walk to blow away the cobwebs, having a leisurely swim, or riding on your mountain bike are the most common ways to cure a migraine. This has always worked well for me personally, but I’ve never had a seriously bed-ridden migraine – for which I’d suggest one of the other remedies.

These are just some of the ways in which I have found useful to crack that splitting migraine, do you have any others you’d like to share?