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Mini Dental Implants: An Added Advantage



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The advent of dental implants marked a novel way in the insertion of dentures. Significant portions of the people were complaining of discomfort after dentures were inserted. Dentures also had to be removed while sleeping or at times during the day.

The dentures also demanded a significant amount of cleaning and safeguarding. Dental implants cleared the path for all these problems. Further, implants can be made to complement any of the other dental appliances such as bridges or crowns. They can be used to provide strength to dental devices including dentures.

Mini dental implants for full dentures in Anchorage

Mini dental implants are further refinement among the implants. The smaller versions are similarly designed and structured as standard implants and are seen as a revolution in the dental world. Mini dental implants are those implants, which measure 0.6 cm or lesser in radius.

Dentists at many of the Alaska denture clinics are advising their patients to opt for these smaller dental implants owing to the several benefits that they offer. The mini dental implants render the same advantages as that of a regular implant and come at half the price. The treatment costs therefore are reduced to half. Owing to their size, they occupy less space in the mouth and do not interfere with the general functioning of the mouth. Another significant advantage of these implants is that they can be inserted directly in the jaws without using any surgical means. The dentist simply injects local anesthesia during the insertion of the implant.

The mini implants also permit the insertion of the dental corrective devices like crowns as soon as the implantation process is done. This is in total contrast to the normal dental implants, which required a minimum of ninety days before any dental part could be inserted. This helps in saving the time for both the dentist and the patient since he can get his dentures fixed on the same day.

The bone holding the root and the teeth together is known as the alveolar bone. When a tooth is removed, the alveolar bone is reabsorbed and dissolves. If there is a significant loss of this bone, the insertion of the standard implants requires the grafting of bones to that portion of the mouth. With the mini implants, the elaborate process of bone grafting can be done away with.

The mini dental implants carry with them so many advantages. They save a significant amount of money on dental treatment, valuable time, and are highly convenient. However, some oral care is also essential to the part of the patient. He/she must be regular with the brushing and keep the dentures tidy. Untidy habits can infect the area around the mini implants and lead to unhealthy consequences. The person with the implants must also ensure that he/she does cut down on smoking and drinking so that the implants sustain for a longer period.