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How To Live A Single Social Life



Have you noticed that the older you get the more of your friends are getting hitched or ‘coupled up’ in long term relationships? I’m 40 and these days, as I haven’t got kids or a ‘significant other’, I rarely get a party invite or even get asked down the pub for a cheeky midweek drink. The trouble is that the older we get the less we have in common from our old friends who have started their own families.

It’s totally understandable and no one is to blame however, if you’re sitting down and bemoaning being single then there are plenty of ways that you can do something about it. There are plenty of people who have a very happy and confirmed bachelor lifestyle, for instance: Hugh Grant, George Clooney, and Cliff Richard, so who’s to say that you shouldn’t be happy too?

Below are five great tips if you’re looking to make some new single friends that will be totally better than your old, boring, married pals. All that’s left to say is that ‘if you ain’t happy, do something about it’ and ‘if you are happy, why worry’?

Join a club

Whatever you’re into there’s bound to be a club, organization, or society out there with your name on it. Chess at the library, football at the sports center, or bread baking at the college, all these sorts of hobbies are filled with likeminded people who are looking to socialize and enjoy themselves on their own. Once you’ve found the right club for you then you can either enjoy people’s company on that night or ask them if they fancy socializing on another night, the choice is yours.

Friday nights

Socializing with work colleagues is often the preserve of the young and the desperate however, it doesn’t have to be this way and if you’re twiddling your thumbs come to the end of the week then why not send round a group email and ask everyone down the pub? Even better, consider starting a social committee and you’ll get Brownie points from the boss and HR whilst also making friends with colleagues you rarely get to speak to during the working day.

Organized holidays

Heading off on holiday on your own can be a bit daunting and although your mum has expressed an interest to see the Everglades it’s probably better that you bite the bullet and do your own thing this year. Organized group tours are an excellent option if you want to meet people whilst away from home and from singles adventure holidays to cultural sightseeing tours, there are no end of opportunities out there if you’re single and want to see the world.

Go traveling

If you’re brave enough then the open road is calling you from far, far away and destinations, such as Thailand, China, and South America, are all perfect for single travelers who have a sense of adventure. Once you arrive you’ll find no end of hostels, guest houses, and organized tours that will introduce you to infinite amounts of new friends and interesting travel companions – it’s just up to you to decide whether you’re brave enough to make the first move.

Hanging out

It was first coined by the Fonz that the best way to pick update is in the library and, to be fair, the leather-clad biker did have a point, sort of. Lunch breaks, after work or at the weekends, if you find somewhere you like and turn it into a regular hang-out then you’ll soon get noticed and no doubt get chatting. Read a book or the paper and pause occasionally to see if you recognize anyone familiar that you can nod or smile at – after all, what have you got to lose?