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How To Become A Great Teacher



If you are planning to become a teacher, you need to know all that comes with that title. You are not only going to be helping students become better learners and individuals, but you are also going to become a better person and educator in order to meet their needs. It does not matter what age group you work with; you will be challenged and expected to grow. If you are capable of this, then you will become a great teacher.

In order to begin the process of becoming a teacher, there are a few things that you need to do to start the journey toward your dream career. You cannot merely become a good teacher overnight; you need to take a few prerequisites in order to begin.

1. Find out what your state requirements are.

Each state has different expectations and requirements for teachers. If you are not sure what assessments you’ll have to take, check out the local Department of Education website to see what you are required to do. You might have to take different competency tests to prove you understand a subject well enough to teach it, in addition to classes on classroom management and student development.

2. Become first aid and CPR certified.

Since you will be in charge of keeping your students safe, you have to have all the certifications required to perform first aid and emergency CPR, if needed. Of course, this will include learning how to use an external defibrillator, in addition to helping students if they have a fall and hit their head. You want to keep your students in optimal health, so knowing how to keep them safe is important. There are various locations where you can take your classes on first aid. Make sure that when you sign up, you have chosen a company that has been approved by the Department of Education.

3. Start substitute teaching.

Once you have obtained your first aid certificate and have passed the preliminary tests for teaching the material, you can begin substitute teaching. This is something that will allow you to hone your skills as a teacher. You will be able to see how to interact with the students and you can determine exactly what areas you need to grow in. You can also see how much you love working with children, and take additional steps to become that great teacher you have always wanted to be.