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Don’t Melt This Summer



If you’re British, or in fact ever spend any time in the United Kingdom, you’ll understand why we Brits long for summer. Summer means BBQs, it means ice cream, and it means chucking the kids outside in the garden and enjoying a cup of tea in peace.

You get warm days, balmy nights, and a gorgeous bronzed complexion. Unfortunately, what we seem to forget about summer is that you also sweat. Your stroll to the corner shop for a cool drink can leave you looking like you’ve run a marathon. The commute to work can have you arriving at your desk with the appearance of a red-faced loon.

Here are some unusual ways to keep cool this summer and avoid being a sweaty mess from May until October.

Get a little loose

And we don’t mean your morals! Take the lead from countries where the climate is considerably warmer and opt for loose, lightweight linen or cotton clothing.

You could also try it the American way and choose a seersucker outfit. The crisp cotton and cooling ridges make it a warm-weather classic.

Keep your pulse points cool

Did you know that you can put a cool cloth on your forehead if you’ve got a fever? Well, this idea works in the same way. Run cold water over your wrists and splash water over your face and neck every hour or so to cool down.

Oh, and while you’re at the sink, fill a glass and have a drink. Hydration is key to a happy, healthy summer.

Make like a cow and graze

Eating a big meal in the summer won’t do you any favors. Having a big, protein-laden meal will get your body’s metabolic rate going and make you feel warmer. It’s best to split your meals into smaller portions throughout the day rather than sitting down to a big meal for lunch or dinner.

Get friendly with chilies

Have you ever wondered why some of the world’s hottest countries – India, Thailand, South America – serve some of the spiciest food?

Well, scientists have been arguing about it for years and the best theory they can come up with is that it’s all down to capsaicin, the chemical found in hot foods such as chilies. The chemicals make you sweat and once your skin is damp you’re cooled by the evaporation. Crazy but true

Keep cool in bed

Getting under the duvet in hot weather sounds like madness, but it doesn’t have to be boiling in bed. Fill a hot water bottle with ice water and place it under the duvet before you go to bed.

You could also try putting your sheets in the freezer for a few hours before bedtime, and swap your pillow for organic cotton as this will be cooler and more absorbent.

Alternatively, if none of this works you could just make your way to the nearest building with air conditioning, set up camp, and refuse to leave until the autumn!