Brachytherapy India – The Best in The World?


Brachytherapy is a medical procedure in which a radioactive material is placed inside or beside the tumour. It derives its name from the Greek word “ Brachy” which means short. In this process a high dosage of radiation is given which reduces the risk of damage to the surrounding tissues and the occurrence of cancer is eradicated to the maximum possible extent. It can be used on an internal as well as external basis and the radioactive elements may be removed after some time the surgery is performed.

Medical Tourism India has definitely come of age in the country. If things could be put in right perspective India is referred to as the medical hub of the world. The sector enjoys the whole hearted support of the government for sure. They have made it quite easy for the medical patients who come for treatment to this part of the world. In fact if one presents a letter from an authorized medical centre they can extend their duration of stay in the country for a period of six months.

All the hospitals in the country are internationally accredited, the facilities are world class and overall there is a patient centric approach where the needs of the patients are given topmost importance. One of the prime advantages of coming to this part of the world is that one can get personalized care and attention along with duly and able English speaking staff. In addition to this these form of surgeries involve a lot of privacy which the international patients can expect in this part of the world.


A lot of investment has been made in the medical sector so that all the hospitals in the country are well equipped with the modern medical techniques. In a way the state of art facilities focuses on providing effective as well as cost effective solutions to the patients. So it is quite clear that Brachytherapy India has reached the pinnacle of success.

Since most of the medical centres are well equipped with all the modern methods of treatment, the patients can get treatment without having to wait a considerable amount of time. This is not the case in the western counties as the patients need to wait for a huge amount of time waiting for their turn for the surgery. The patients are hospitalized upon their arrival, and the examination as well as the work up tests are undertaken at a later stage.

It is of paramount importance to avail the services of a medical tourism company when they consider treatment in India. In this regard a company which has captured the imagination of millions is Indian Med Guru. They have had their presence in almost all the major cities of the country. Their philosophy is simple and that is to provide quality health care at cost effective solutions. They have staff strength of close to 5000 personnel on board as well. So next time you consider medical treatment in the country think of associating with us.


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