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Natural Foods That Are Bad for Your Teeth



We don’t usually assume that healthy, natural food may have a negative effect on our teeth. Unfortunately, some foods that we would think are healthy for us, can, in fact, be not so good for our dental health. Here’s a list of foods, that may seem good for us, and have some healthy attributes, but are in fact not so great for your teeth.

It may not be necessary to cut these foods out altogether, but it’s good to know, so you can moderate your intake of these foods. Preventative dental care is key to keeping your smile healthy.

Raisins and other Dried Fruit

All dehydrated fruits are much worse for your teeth than their fresh counterparts. Fresh fruit contains malic acids that clean your teeth and provide lots of water to clean it. They also promote salivation while we eat them. By dehydrating the fruit, the water is eliminated preventing the rinsing, and salivating, and leaving lots of sugar to decay your teeth.

Raisins in particular are bad because all of those tiny seeds can get stuck in your teeth and cause cavities. As far as your teeth go, raisins are as bad, or even worse than candy. If there’s no added sugar, they are much better, but still worth brushing your teeth after eating. Opt instead for fresh strawberries or grapes, which will not only provide you with vitamins and minerals but will help keep your smile bright as well.

Fruit Juice

Juicing is all the rage these days, and it does have many health benefits. If you make sure to use mostly vegetables, a juice diet can be a great, healthy cleanse. As many already know, however, the amount of fruit used in the juice can make or break the health of the juice.

The problem with fruit juice is that it’s much easier to drink fruit than it is to eat it, making the sugar intake potentially much higher from the juice. Apple juice is the worst offender. With a high amount of acidic sugar in it, apple juice is not good for your dental health. Grape and orange are also loaded with sugar and don’t fare much better. You’re much better off drinking water, and eating fresh fruit if you’re trying to keep your body, and teeth healthy.

Pretzels and Tortilla Chips

While pretzels and tortilla chips are often offered as a healthier alternative to fatty potato chips, they have their own issues as far as dental health goes. Starchy, salty snacks, work the same way on your teeth as sugar. When that starchy material gets in between your teeth, it breaks down your enamel and causes tooth decay just as a sugary snack would. Instead of snacking on starchy treats to satisfy your salty cravings, try some celery or apple slices with sugar-free nut butter instead.