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6 Workout Tips To Help Amateurs Pump Iron More Effectively



Popeye has no idea how much people envy him. It may seem strange to envy a cartoon character, but if only real-life allowed you to get rock hard muscles by simply downing a can of spinach. In reality, you have to work hard to get a muscular physique. Initially, it may seem a daunting task, but everyone has to start somewhere. Here are 6 tips to help amateurs get on the road to finely-toned muscles the right way.

Consistency is key

When you start working out, you have to remember to hit the gym consistently. In order to maximize the efficiency of your workouts, you have to stick to a fixed workout plan, without fail. Working out isn’t just about lifting heavy weights; it demands a certain amount of dedication and without consistency, do not expect to see the desired results any time soon.

Don’t forget the cardio

A very common mistake amateurs make is to skip the cardio and head straight for the weights. The body has to be prepared for the rigors of weight lifting and skipping cardio is a cardinal sin. Stretch extensively before hopping on the treadmill or cycling machine and prepare your body, especially your heart, for the rigors that are to follow.

Start with lower weights and higher reps

When starting a workout regimen, start with lower weights and concentrate on doing more reps. Later on, you can transition to heavier weights, while reducing the number of reps. This is crucial to ensure that muscle growth is consistent helps you avoid unsightly bulges. Seen those guys with muscles that look more like unhealthy tumors? The end result of lifting too much too soon.

Keep yourself hydrated

Working out usually causes your body to lose copious amounts of water. While the adrenaline is pumping, it is easy to get carried away and not feel thirsty. However, that does not mean your body isn’t aching for hydration. Always keep yourself hydrated during a workout session. Have small drinks of water in between sets.

Maintain a progress chart

Motivation is a very important factor that helps you commit to workout sessions.  If you are able to track your progress, it definitely acts as an encouraging sign and motivates you to keep pushing hard. If you have a smartphone, there are a number of apps available that help you record your workout sessions and physical attributes. Seeing the arrow in a graph head in the right direction is an invaluable motivational tool.

Ensure your goals are realistic

Always set yourselves a goal that is realistic. If you set yourself a target to be as ripped as one of the Spartans in 300, within a month, then you have definitely set your sights unrealistically high. Having over the top aspirations sets you up for failure and not achieving the desired target often leaves people disheartened. In such a situation, it is not uncommon to see amateurs give up.

Follow these 6 simple, yet highly effective, tips to make sure you are working out the right way.