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Pollens, Spores, And Weeds, Oh My! – How To Avoid Nature’s Top Allergens



Mother Nature can be… hard to deal with, sometimes. While there are so many amazingly beautiful things about nature, there are a few other things that aren’t so great, like allergens. Pollens, mold spores, and weeds are the three biggest culprits for irritating our allergies. Here are some tips on how you can avoid aggravating your symptoms (without medication).

 Check the Pollen Count

When pollen is a problem in the spring and summer, there will be a daily measure of the pollen count in your area available for you to check. Always find out what the pollen count is, and you’ll know that when it’s high you need to make even more of an effort to avoid those allergens. When the pollen is very high, you should stay indoors if you can, and limit your time outdoors as much as possible.

 Close Your Windows

When the weather is warm, it’s nice to open your windows and let in some fresh air. Unfortunately, that also lets in pollen and other allergens from outdoors. Keep your windows closed, and use the air conditioning to keep the humidity in your home down and discourage mold growth. If you really want to keep your windows open, check the pollen counts and try to do so only when the count is low.

 Reduce Humidity

As mentioned above, the air conditioning can help reduce the humidity in your home. Mold spores thrive on moistures, so humidity can really make them multiply. Besides running your air conditioning, you can also consider running dehumidifiers in your home. When taking a steamy shower, use the exhaust fan to help remove excess steam from the air, which can encourage mold growth on your bathroom surfaces.

 Protect Yourself in the Garden

If you’re allergic to weeds, gardening is going to be a tough job for you. It’s better to avoid gardening, weeding, and lawn work as much as possible. If you don’t want to give up your gardening or do need to work in the yard, protect yourself by wearing gloves and a dust mask, which can help keep you from breathing in allergens and getting them on your hands.

 Let in the Light

Mold spores also need darkness to grow, so try to let as much light into your home as possible. Open your curtains to let in the sunlight. If you have a particular mold problem in an area like your basement, you should try keeping the lights on down there in order to take away the dark environment that mold thrives in.

 Wash Your Pets

If you have pets that go outside, they can really be contributing to your allergies by bringing allergens into your home. Especially in the summer months, try to wash your pets frequently. At least once per week, you should bathe your pets with shampoo in order to remove the pollen and other allergens that have accumulated on their fur and skin.