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Why is Health Insurance Important?



Among all of the wealth in the world, the health and longevity of our loved ones –whether it’s a newborn or an elderly grandparent –is one of the keys to true meaning and happiness in life. So in the case of emergency or just preventative care, ask yourself:  is the cost of health insurance worth the well-being of my loved ones? Most often, the answer is a hearty yes.  What about yourself?  How much does your health matter to you?

Having quality health insurance to cover yourself or someone you love in a time of need is of great importance.  Health insurance means protection – protection against illness, severe financial loss, and in some cases, even death.  Health Insurance provides the freedom to live a longer, healthier lifestyle.   It may be an adjustment to start paying monthly, quarterly, or yearly towards a health insurance policy that covers you and/or your family.  But with this sacrifice comes security and the freedom to thrive, knowing that in case of any sickness or emergency, you’re confident you can get the care you need at any time.

Uninsured individuals may decide to “skip” routine checkups, preventative screenings, or other types of vital health care, simply because of the financial burden that it may bring on.  Even if these individuals are healthy and have not needed emergency medical care, there’s still the chance of suffering an accidental injury or the possibility of increased chronic pain or illness that will, because of a lack of health insurance, make them less likely to seek medical care or advice.

In contrast, health insurance users have access to supplies that will maintain their health. Medical tests? Routine checkups? Hospital stays?  Insurance premiums will likely cover this without the risk of paying out hundreds to thousands of dollars unexpectedly.  Just like you can’t predict the weather tomorrow, you can’t predict when you’ll be sick or when you’ll need care in case of a disaster or emergency.

You can’t put a price tag on health. But health insurance can give you peace of mind, knowing that you and your family are getting excellent care at the time you need it most.