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What is Ombre Hair?



Ombre hair was one of the most popular styles throughout 2012, especially in the summer with celebrities such as Lauren Conrad sporting the trend. And it looks like ombre hair is here to stay for Spring/Summer 2013.

What is ombre hair?

Ombre hair is when your hair gradually blends from a darker color at the roots, to a lighter color at the ends. There are many variations of the style, from black to auburn at the tips, or brown to blonde at the tips and even red to blonde at the tips – any color is possible.

There are many ways to get the effect, from using at-home hair coloring, to going to the hairdressers or faking the look with clip in hair extensions.

Permanent Ombre Hair

The main thing to consider is how permanent you would like it to be. If you want the trend to last for a while, and you don’t need to abide by any rules regarding hair at work, school, or college, then permanently dying your hair would work. However, with permanent dye, especially if you are going to dye the ends blonde, it will require bleach (and a lot of it if you are naturally quite dark) so there is a chance that your hair will get slightly damaged. You can also opt for a semi-permanent color but this may fade quickly.

When dying your hair at home, it’s best not to make it too neat when coloring the end, as you may end up with a straight line where one color begins and the other ends. Leave your natural color (or the darker color if you are dying your whole head) two-thirds of the way down your hair and then start with the lighter shade for the bottom third, but overlapping a little into the dark to get that gradual color change.

Temporary Ombre Hair

Of course, if you don’t want to permanently change the color and would just like to try the look for an occasion or just when you feel like it, the best thing to do is use clip in hair extensions. Many people buy extensions to color the ends themselves but there are now dip dye hair extensions that are already pre-dyed with the lighter color on the end. This means you won’t have to worry about damaging them with bleach and hair dye and you can wear them when you want – ideal for those who are unable to wear this look on a daily basis.

Providing you also get clip in human hair extensions, then you will be able to style them with heat like your own hair such as curling and straightening, as well as cutting them to make sure they blend in well with your natural hair. You’ll then have dip dye hair, plus a little extra length and volume too without damaging your hair at all!