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Choosing the Perfect Duvet for a Perfect Night’s Sleep



The better you sleep, the better you feel, so this is why it is so important that you think carefully before purchasing your next duvet. Small changes such as weight, size, and filling, can severely affect how you sleep and a lack of sleep can give you serious health issues! Here are the four top tips for you to consider when you buy your next duvet….

Size Matters

This may seem a bit obvious, but make sure that when you come to buy your next duvet, that you know the size of your bed. Many people get confused when it comes to larger beds, and can’t work out whether they have a double, king, or super king. It’s advisable for anyone to buy a duvet that is one size bigger than the bed they’re in, to ensure that it drapes over the bed, and to stop arguments over who’s stealing over half the duvet!

Know your Tog

Tog is the measurement of the weight of duvets, and you need to remember when buying, that the larger the number, the warmer, and heavier your quilt will be. If you find yourself constantly cold in bed, always pulling the covers up, and wearing thick pajamas, (even in summer) then its best to choose a higher tog that carries more, and will give you a warmer night’s sleep.

It’s what’s on the inside that counts!

The filling in your quilt can severely affect how well you sleep! There are two main types of duvets; synthetic and natural duvets, but even these are split up into different fillings that are popular with different people, giving you even more possibilities! Goose down and duck feather is the most common natural fills, and provide a light airy fill which oozes a sense of luxury. While natural is considered more luxurious, and gives warmth, without the weight, it doesn’t mean that they are the choice for you, or even that they’re much better than their synthetic counterparts. Often allergy sufferers find natural fillings make breathing difficult, while synthetic duvets ensure them a restful night.


Manufacturers often offer guarantees on their duvets, which is a great way to get an indication of how long your duvet will last. This is not the only way to tell as a duvets life can be shortened and extended, depending upon how it is looked after. Top-notch quality and regularly cleaned quilts (around every 6 months) can last for up to five years!

Finding that Perfect Duvet…

Don’t expect to walk into a bedding shop, pick up the nearest duvet, and be home with the perfect duvet in your arms all within half an hour. Duvets need proper thought and consideration! Size, warmth, filling, and duration make up the four cornerstones of a perfect duvet, so next time you’re buying, make sure to bear these in mind. Yawn Bedding provides a good duvet buying guide that may help you make the right decision.