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What Are The Top Diets You Should Follow



What are the top diets you should follow

Are you curious about which diet plan you should be following? The British Dietetic Association recently conducted research that showed that one-third of people who recently started to diet gained weight instead of losing it. The reason behind this is that they opted to go on a fat diet, and the results were not very pleasing. So, here we have a list of the top diets that you can follow so you can avoid making the mistake that many others have made and find the right diet plan for you.

1. Slimming World Diet

The Slimming World diet includes two plans, the Green Days and the Original Days, which you can follow. On Green days, you can eat as much food as you want from the fruit, starchy food, and vegetable groups, and also many beans and pulses too, while Original days, you can have more protein. The key to weight loss with this diet is to keep a balance between Green days and Original days, eating foods according to the “syn” ratings given to them in this diet plan.

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2. Atkins Diet

The theory behind the Atkins diet is that you eat fewer calories if you eat high-fat foods and high protein foods, while strictly restricting the consumption of carbohydrates. Registered dieticians do not agree with everything that the Atkins diet recommends. However, published evidence shows that the Atkins diet can help you lose weight, which will help blood glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. If you decide to go on the Atkins diet, you are recommended to take mineral and vitamin supplements along with it as well.

3. The GI Diet

In the GI or Glycaemia Index diet, carbohydrate food is ranked based on how quickly the blood sugar level rises because of the food. According to the diet, you will be able to control your weight by eating low GI foods because they will keep you satiated for longer periods. Based on research, GI diets are also good for health because they tend to regulate blood glucose levels, blood fat levels, and the level of insulin in the blood. A GI diet can indeed help you lose weight, as long as you eat low GI food and exercise regularly.

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4. Detox Diets

According to Detox diets, our body accumulates toxins from alcohol, food additives, high-fat foods, and pesticides. Detoxification is the process in which toxins are flushed out of our bodies. A Detox diet can have varying lengths, but fruits, herbal teas, juices, rice, and vegetables are the typical types of foods you eat while on this diet. A Detox diet also recommends that you drink a lot of water every day so that the body is cleansed and toxins are flushed out. Detox diets are also deficient in calories, so they effectively help you lose weight and detoxify your body.

There are many other diets that you can try, such as meal replacements diets, food combining diets, low-fat diets, etc. but mentioned in the article are the top menus to follow.