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Motivation and Support for Cancer Patients and Survivors



Three words you hope you never hear are “You have cancer.” Unfortunately, the number of people who are diagnosed with varying types of cancer is increasing yearly and steadily closing in on heart disease as the number one killer. The moment your diagnosis is delivered can be one of the most confusing and emotional moments you will ever live through. This is also true for your family and friends, as they may not be sure of how to react or what to say. Just the word cancer can cause nervousness and fear for some. The following videos are stories from survivors, offerings of support through the telling of their own journey, and most importantly show you and your family that cancer need not be a death sentence…it is merely an invitation to fight.

Austin’s Relay for Life Speech

Austin was diagnosed with lymphoma just before her 19th birthday. This speech was delivered at a relay for life event and tells of her journey. With some humor, Austin speaks about her journey and what it has made her realize about herself and about life.

Brian’s Cancer Survivor Speech

This speech was delivered at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center’s Annual Cancer Survivorship Evening. Brian speaks from his heart about what cancer has taught him and how he learned to value something in life that many people take for granted.

Rebecca Greenway, Sarcoma Survivor

Rebecca was sent in at age 17 to have a benign growth removed, the growth was not removed and Rebecca’s family received the news that it was in fact malignant. Rebecca talks about the support of her family and the importance of attitude–of both the patient and those who surround the patient.

Emily Wyse, Cervical Cancer Survivor

At the young age of 30 years old and with two small children, Rebecca Wyse was delivered the news that she had cervical cancer. Rebecca talks about her feelings and her personal journey. She also tells about her parents who have brought her flowers on the anniversary of her remission without fail.

Various Survivors, Prostate Cancer Experiences

For those who receive the diagnosis of prostate cancer, it can seem to be a very lonely moment. The survivors in this video talk about their diagnoses and their support systems. They advocate for being open about your diagnosis as you may find that a friend has battled the same beast without you ever knowing.

Dave Fitzgerald, Comedian, and Prostate Cancer Survivor

Dave was always a comedian from a young age, as you will learn at the beginning of this video. When Dave was recovering after surgery related to his prostate cancer diagnosis, he identified a need for humor. This is only one of the many comedic offerings he has put out there to help elevate the spirits of others undergoing their own battles.

Jacob Stieler, Ewings Sarcoma–Still Fighting

In this video, 9-year-old Jacob is labeled as “Iron Man”. Jacob, at his young age, battled and beat Ewings Sarcoma (a cancer of the bones and soft tissues)…or so they thought. After going into what seemingly was remission, not to mention some other fights related to Jacob’s treatment, another mass was found on the young boy’s spine. The real inspiration is the life and energy that radiates from Jacob. He is still fighting and has already come so far. His journey may not be over but he really is a strong young man. His complete story can be read on his website. Look through the pictures and at the genuine smile on his face, there is no way to avoid being motivated in your own life when you consider what he is smiling in the face of.

No matter where you are in your treatment, whether you are a spouse or a friend, you play a critical role in the fight against cancer. For those who want to get involved, fundraisers happen quite often so look into what will be going on in your area and canvass funds for a cure. With a cure, no one, including young Jacob would ever have cause to suffer from this again.