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What You Need To Know About Preventing Diabetes



Most people battle the bulge at some point in their lives. The convenience of fast food and the often restrictive price of fresh fruit and vegetables means that we don’t always eat as well as we should, and the slim stomach of youth often gives way to an unattractive roll of flab that makes it difficult to fasten the top button on our jeans.

For many of us, this is ample warning to join a gym and take the local pizza delivery place off speed dial, but not for everyone, and obesity is climbing to an alarming level in most countries in the western world. Obesity puts a huge strain on the human body and can lead to a whole range of potentially deadly illnesses.

Obesity is a key contributor to type 2 diabetes, which is becoming a significant problem, with more and more patients developing the condition. What are the dangers of diabetes, and how can it be avoided?

Speak To Your Doctor

Doctors in the United Kingdom were recently advised to discuss a patient’s weight with them, regardless of the reason for the visit. An overweight patient might visit their doctor for a throat infection, or a general check-up needed for a cheap life insurance quote.

If the doctor was concerned about their weight and the subsequent potential for health issues, the doctor would then also discuss the patients’ lifestyle choices with them, in an attempt to stave off obesity and its damaging ramifications. If you’re concerned about your weight, particularly if you have a family history of diabetes, then a visit to your doctor might be a good idea.

What To Look Out For

Like many ailments, the symptoms of diabetes can easily be confused with other things, or these symptoms may just be a temporary unrelated issue that will resolve itself of its own accord. However, if you’re in a high-risk group (family history or overweight) or have symptoms commensurate with diabetes that persist, then consult your doctor as soon as possible.

There are some key indicators of diabetes, such as excessive thirst and subsequent excessive urination, which occurs because of a lowered insulin level which means your kidneys can’t filter the glucose back into your bloodstream, meaning they compensate by actually drawing water from your blood to essentially water down the glucose. This inability to process glucose can also lead to lowered energy levels and an inability to put on weight.

How To Avoid Diabetes

The best way to prevent or significantly delay the onset of diabetes is to live a healthy lifestyle- eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, consuming alcohol in moderation, and not smoking. These measures are also vital for controlling diabetes if you’re newly diagnosed. Only type 2 diabetes can be avoided with a healthy lifestyle, as type 1 diabetes is an inherent genetic condition, which isn’t caused by a poor diet or lack of exercise.

A healthy lifestyle is certainly recommended for those diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, as this gives the immune system a much-appreciated boost. There are a number of health and life insurance policies for diabetics, as it’s quite a common issue and so insurance policies can often cover the condition.

There is no cure for diabetes, although science is most definitely working on it and you can have life insurance for a diabetic. Diabetes is an inconvenience, but it’s a condition that can be easily managed if you’re provided with the right information. Naturally, prevention is better than a cure, so it’s probably a good idea to cook something healthy rather than ordering a BBQ chicken and bacon pizza for the third time this week…