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5 Things Your Gym Doesn’t Want You To Know



When you walked into your gym for the first time, did you feel like you were in a bad remake of The Stepford Wives? The entire staff was smiling and nodding. They said all the right things, and before you knew it, you were handing over your credit card. Over time, those Stepford smiles started to fade, and you realized that gyms aren’t all they are cracked up to be. However, you probably don’t know just how much they hide from the public.

They Own You Now

You became the gym’s property as soon as you handed over your credit card. All that’s missing is a stamp that says you legally belong to the gym. They may not own you in every sense of the word, but they will get their money each and every month, no matter if you use their facilities or not.

Sure, you’ll use the facilities for a while. However, life will eventually get in the way and you’ll stop going.

When that happens…

They’ll be Happy to See You Go

Don’t expect the gym’s staff to shed any tears when you stop showing up. They’ll still get their money. Best of all, they won’t have to work for that money, since you won’t be there. They’ll be happy to see you go, and they wouldn’t mind if you took some other members with you on your way out the door.

Germs and Gyms are Buddies

Gyms are crawling with germs. You might wonder why a gym would be any dirtier than some other public places. Well, to begin with, there are lots of bodily fluids dripping around the gym. Those fluids get deposited on the equipment. Then, they hang out in the locker room and even make their way into the shower. Unless your gym has a doctor on duty, you might want to keep that in mind before you walk through the door.

The Pool Isn’t All that Clean

You won’t just find germs on the equipment and in the locker rooms. The pools aren’t all that clean, either.

It’s not that the staff doesn’t want the pool to be clean. They simply can’t control what people do when they get in the water. That means some people get in without taking a shower, and others even urinate once they hit the water. People aren’t concerned since they think pool chemicals kill all the germs, but that’s actually not true. Thus, you could get sick just from swimming some laps at the gym.

The First of the Year is a Nightmare

The local gym might cut you a deal if you sign up at the first of the year. That’s because they can get a lot more members around the first thanks to people’s New Year’s resolutions. While you might get a deal, you can expect your experience to be a nightmare. You’ll be faced with overcrowded spaces full of people who aren’t really sure what they are doing.

Unless you feel like throwing some elbows to get to your favorite piece of equipment, you can expect to wait a long time as you move from one machine to the next. That means it will be hard to keep your heart rate up. Don’t worry, though. That will only last for about three months. By then, most people will give up on their resolutions. Of course, you’ll probably be sick and tired of fighting for equipment by then, so you will be paying for a membership that you don’t use.

Everyone keeps their secrets, but you need to uncover the truth when it comes to your gym. After all, you have to practically sign your life away for your membership, so you need to know what to expect when the smiles fade and the truth comes out.