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Nurses: Compassionate Care For All Stages Of Life



Nursing is a great profession. Nurses help people and improve lives. The job also pays well.

It’s a good job, but it’s also challenging. If you’re thinking about becoming a nurse, or if you’re enrolled in one of the nursing schools in PA, here are three things to consider before you start your career.

Are you ready to work harder than you’ve ever worked before? 

Here’s a fact about becoming a nurse that not a lot of people know: Nursing school is difficult. There’s a lot of math, hard-core science, and new terms to learn–and that’s just during the classroom sessions.

Once you start your clinical, the stress really gets turned up a notch. During clinical, you’ll work with real patients who are suffering from real medical issues.

There’s a lot of pressure to not make mistakes, which is difficult because you’ll be putting the techniques and theories you’ve studied in the classroom to work in the real world for the first time.

Nursing school takes drive, determination, and grit. Are you up to the challenge?

What kind of nurse do you want to be? 

When considering becoming a nurse, it’s important to think about what type of nurse you’d like to be. Do you thrive in stressful situations? If so, maybe you want to be a critical-care nurse or work in an emergency department. If you like helping children, you can become a pediatric nurse. If you like … well, you get the idea.

Nurses can specialize in nearly any type of care, from cardiac to neonatal to rehabilitation to behavioral health. And knowing what type of area you’d like to work in can help you focus your education. It can also direct you to externships and internships, where you’ll gain real-world experience and see if what you think you want to do is actually how you want to spend your nursing career.

Are you caring, compassionate … and able to move on?
Nurses have success stories to share–the premature babies they’ve helped to deliver, the heart-attack victims they’ve saved and the countess smiles they’ve seen on the faces of the friends and loved ones of the patients they’ve treated.

They’ve also seen heartbreak.

One skill that every great nurse possesses is the ability to provide excellent care in order to accomplish the best possible outcome. And sometimes the outcome isn’t one anyone had hoped for. When this happens, nurses have to be able to show compassion for the patients’ loved ones, and then quickly pull themselves together and move on to the next patient.