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Are Men Now Having Liposuction To Get Promoted At Work?



The fact that men are seeking plastic surgery in ever-increasing numbers is no secret, and it’s a trend that’s being witnessed globally, with here in the UK, the US, and South East Asia being particular hotspots.

Reports and statistics have so far focused on men opting for anti-aging procedures such as Botox or brow lifts, or in seeking treatment for gynecomastia (male breasts). However new US research has revealed that liposuction amongst males is possibly increasing most rapidly of all.

Under the radar

Perhaps the reason for the limited amount of press in this particular area of aesthetic medicine is that there is still some taboo surrounding it, with fat removal being seen as a predominantly female concern still. Statistics would indicate otherwise though. A sample of liposuction patients in California showed a whopping 36% of them were men, which may come as a surprise.

The problem areas that men are seeking help for are mainly the stomach and waist, accounting for 62% of all liposuction procedures. 22% of all procedures are to help correct gynecomastia. Liposuction amongst men may be on the way to shedding its clandestine nature though, as former ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ actor John Schneider was recently in the news revealing that he has undergone liposuction on his stomach.

He told US news program Extra that:

“I went the liposuction route a couple of years ago. I did a thousand sit-ups and nothing was happening.”

Clinic owner Trevor Schmidt, based in California (where the research was carried out), said: “We’ve been seeing a steady increase of men wanting liposuction over the past few years (but) men normally don’t talk much about their liposuction procedures.”

Perhaps the reason for this is that there is an increasing pressure on modern men to look good, a pressure that women have arguably been feeling for far longer. Not only is liposuction and cosmetic surgery in general on the up for men, so too is the larger beauty industry, as well as gym memberships and a general interest in fitness now more commonplace.

Money talks

That’s not necessarily to say that men are becoming more feminine in their quest for beauty, but in fact, it’s possibly a sign of the economic times that men are seeking new ways to ensure their employability and therefore financial stability. It’s not enough to simply have the best experience or CV; the better and more presentable the candidate the likelier the chances of staying in a job or getting hired into a new one.

UK Plastic Surgeon Adrian Richards, who owns a clinic offering liposuction as part of its wider surgical program, says:

“We are seeing far more male patients now than when we first started. Men – like women – have varied reasons for seeking surgery, and that may well include a desire to increase their confidence and boost their career prospects. With plastic surgery becoming not only more affordable but also more acceptable than ever, it’s a trend I can only see continuing”.

It seems no longer seen as a sign of financial success to have an expanding middle – the leaner and fitter men look, the more likely they are to be seen as ambitious alpha males.