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Effective Detoxification by Infrared Saunas



For thousands of years, the sauna has been used to improve physical health in addition to mental well-being. The sauna has been known to have multiple health benefits. It has helped many to calm their nerves by reducing their stress levels. Furthermore, it has been known to reduce chronic fatigue syndrome, anorexia, and rheumatoid arthritis amongst other benefits. The modern sauna also known as infrared sauna uses infrared lighting as a source of heat. This type of sauna introduced in 1950, is known for its extra health benefits such as detoxification due to its deep penetration into the skin.

An infrared sauna emits energy that penetrates up to 2 inches under the skin producing a warm sensation in both the muscles and skin. A dry infrared sauna heated up to 150 degrees will cause a detoxification effect. In an infrared sauna, your body is heated up to its core improving your blood circulation which opens up the pores as you sweat. The open pores assist the blood in shoving out the toxins through the open pores. Some of the toxins that could be sweated out include drugs, lead, urea, sulfuric acid, cholesterol, sodium, and arsenic. The effectiveness of the infrared sauna is dependent on how much energy is emitted. Different saunas emit different levels of energy.

With many sauna manufacturers, to identify an effective one will require you to know their properties. The most resultant saunas are those with infrared energy emitters giving off between 94 and 96 percent of infrared energy. They are fitted with ceramic which are good emitters of infrared. The less efficient saunas produce between 40 and 60 percent of infrared energy. Lower-grade models emit between 10 to 15 percent of infrared energy. For best detoxification sessions, use a sauna that emits at least 75 percent of infrared energy. Avoid the low-grade saunas, you will not your expected results.

Great detoxification results will be dependent on how you use the sauna. Before your sauna session, ensure you drink 24 to 48 ounces of water to hydrate your system well. It’s helpful taking a bath or shower without soap to rinse your skin. Once in the sauna, lie down comfortably on the bench. You may choose to fold your knees or stretch out your legs. Relax your mind and enjoy yourself as the sauna does its job of detoxification. The frequency of using a sauna should be at least once a week. Two or three times per week is also recommended. Choose an excellent time to visit the sauna which should be at least an hour. Never complete a sauna session in a hurry. After exiting the sauna you may choose to take a cool shower to rinse your skin and then dry off with a towel. Drink yet another 24 to 28 ounces of water to rehydrate your body.

In addition to detoxifying your body; you will also benefit by treating ailments that can be managed by the infrared sauna. Try it out and experience the double or triple effects of the infrared sauna depending on your health condition.