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Curing Depression With A New Fish Aquarium



With so many issues that people face in their everyday lives, it makes complete sense why depression rates are so high. With the cost of living going up while the job market goes down, our economy can add a lot of stress to a person’s life. I personally faced depression and going to my dead-end job every day of the week just became almost impossible. I was in dear need of an escape or cure.

Like lots of Americans out there, I felt my job wasn’t paying enough and too physical to call a career. On a daily basis, I was coming home not even wanting to get out of bed the next day to continue doing the same thing over again. I think my girlfriend caught me at a perfect time because she may have saved my life in many ways.

Getting a New Pet for Myself

She had this idea for me to get a pet to kind of change things up and bring some spark back into my life. I kind of laughed at the idea but rode it out for her. I knew I was a dog person but because I worked all day, I didn’t want the dog sitting in a kennel all day. Long story short, I decided to get a fish aquarium. I literally tried to get a goldfish in a small bowl but my girlfriend was very suspicious of me not being serious of her idea.

My Very First Aquarium Setup

It was time for me to step up now that my girlfriend was bugging me to do this. I went to Walmart and bought a ten-gallon aquarium with colorful rocks. This was the largest aquarium they had. I bought some plants to throw in there and decided in a Japanese fighting fish or also known as a betta.

I had no intentions what so ever of my girlfriends plan working but I must admit that I started to enjoy taking care of this fish. I think the fact of my fish depending on me to step up and take care of him really clicked for me.

Becoming Addicted to Aquariums

I now have created a new hobby that is very addicting. Taking care of fish has slowly become a life-changing thing for me. It started very slow with just maintains the fish’s living habitat but worked into finding new friends for my fish and new toys to play with. There are so many variables in taking care of fish that can turn a person’s life around.

I know it may sound like one of the dumbest ideas you have thought of, but it truly is a life changer and you can ask anyone that has a fish aquarium. Becoming a part of that society of water dwellers is very addicting so beware. I am personally now part of a huge fish enthusiast community as well that I enjoy on a daily basis.