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What Are The Different Types Of Dental Emergencies?



When do you say there is a dental emergency? When the toothache gets too much to bear of course!!!  The causes for shooting pain in the teeth are of course several. They could range from an infected tooth to a ruptured tissue in the gums or even a cavity.

 Different types of dental emergencies

 The most common tooth ailment is tooth decay. Decay when ignored leads to the inflammation of the tooth pulp which results in an ailment called pulpitis. Based on the type of infection, pulpitis is defined as reversible and irreversible.  Both these ailments are highly painful and fall into the dental emergency category.

Reversible pulpitis is cured by removing the infected portion of the tooth pulp and replacing it with an artificial filling. Irreversible pulpitis is cured only by way of a root canal or the removal of the tooth itself. Irreversible pulpitis is the sensation of pain that we experience when the tooth comes in contact with hot items.  There is no such sensation when it comes to cold items. In fact, touching a piece of ice to the affected tooth causes relief from pain. You are suffering from this form of pulpitis if you experience pain in the gums near the root and also while chewing.

 Another case of a dental emergency is the pain in the gums when the wisdom teeth partially open up. This pain is caused due to the infection caused by the filling up of food particles and germs in the gaps. Dentists at the Anchorage dental clinic can only temporary relief in the form of antibiotics and disinfecting the affected area. The only remedy is by the removal of the wisdom tooth, else there are always chances of recurrence.

 The formation of pus due to infection in the gums results in severe pain and termed a dental emergency. Those who have a history of gum infections are prone to such an affliction. The emergency dentist Anchorage, AK works to clean the infected portion of the pus and also the germ build-up. This is achieved by way of applying antibiotics and mouth rinses which are primarily anti-bacterial. It is pertinent to note that if the infection is not treated on time, it can infect the other teeth in the mouth.

 Tooth breakage is another form of a dental emergency. You may not experience any pain if only the tooth enamel is broken. Improper breakage leads to sharp edges which cause severe discomfort. There are also possibilities of experiencing cold sensitiveness. The dentist will work to smoothen the so caused sharpness. The rebuilding of the tooth will depend on the extent of the damage caused to it.

 Another dental emergency could be where the teeth become loose which may also result in the tooth coming out of the socket. Restructuring is carried out by the doctors at the Anchorage dental clinic by bonding the damaged portion or by crowning.