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What To Look For In Drug Rehab



Not all drug rehab programs are the same. There are a wide variety of centers and programs to treat those who are dealing with addiction. This isn’t because there is a lack of consensus on how to treat drug users, but because different programs work for different people. This is part of the reason why it sometimes takes a person several trips to a drug rehab center before they make serious changes.

That being said, a person’s first experience with drug rehab can have a lasting impact on them. Often times, this experience sets the expectation for future rehab experiences. For this reason, it’s important to look closely at the various options before sending a friend or family member or going to a drug rehab center. Below is a list of things to consider.

Is Treatment Personalized?

No two people will react to a rehab program exactly the same. For this reason, you want to look for a program that can adjust and fit the needs of the individual. Programs that offer a generic plan may only work for a select few. Those who don’t change will only walk away discouraged. What is the ratio of staff to patients? Find out if the rehab program you are considering is personalized.

Does it Allow Outside Involvement?

One of the most valuable resources for those trying to overcome drug addiction is their own family and friends. Some rehab centers completely isolate individuals and therefore remove a vital support system. It may become difficult for the professionals working there to know the details of their patient’s condition. If the person who is going through the rehab is close to their family you may want to find a program that allows for support and interaction from loved ones.

What Will Be Most Comfortable?

If the patient isn’t comfortable in their environment it isn’t likely that they will have a positive experience. Some people for example may not feel a comfortable feeling like they are in a hospital. They may want to choose a center with a more relaxed environment. Consider visiting the rehab site before you decide to go there.

Are You Dual-diagnosed?

Dual diagnosis means you suffer from a psychological disorder as well as a drug addiction. There are certain rehab centers that are connected with psychiatric facilities. If you have any other specific conditions, the best option is to find a rehab center that can treat them simultaneously.

Will the Center Follow up After the Patient is Released?

Rehab is only the first step in a lifetime pursuit to be free of addiction. When a patient leaves a rehab center, they may have made progress but they are not finished. The best programs will develop a plan with you before you leave the center that will prevent relapse. Does the rehab center offer referrals to other treatment programs in the area? Will someone follow up with you on a regular basis to see how you are doing?

While there are many things to consider when choosing a drug rehab program, understand that overcoming addiction is a long process. If you don’t succeed after your first attempt, don’t be discouraged. Learn from what you did wrong and move forward.