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Why Watching TV in the Dark is Bad for Your Health



Do your eyes ever hurt after you watch television? Sometimes your eyes may hurt after watching a movie in a movie theater and even while watching a screen in a conference room. Eyestrain is a common disorder, especially in the technological age.

One of the popular reasons eyestrain is watching a screen for too long or even in the dark. Bright objects in an otherwise dark room can strain the eye as well. If the room is dark, your irises are usually wide open, which allows a lot of light to enter.

That “pinpoint” of light in any darkroom can be causing your eye to twitch or you could have headaches. This can also lead to viewer fatigue, which is where you may feel a sharp pain in your temples. Some pain can cause a sense of overall tiredness of the eyes and body.

Also, know that almost all LCDs screens have a backlight adjustment to them. You can set your screen to a lower level light. Adjust the brightness and this can help your eyes.

If you get headaches or fatigue often it could be from your viewing habits. Visit your doctor or the eye doctor and they can help you fix the problem. Maybe you need glasses or maybe it is your screen viewing habits.

One way to reduce eye soreness from screens is to watch television, or view screens in the light, when it is dark in the room your eyes may strain. This causes fatigue.

Be patient with your self and look for ways to take care of yourself.