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NewJoint: What Makes This Joint Pain Relief Supplement Positively Different?



Joint pain is one of the leading health problems that people from young to old age suffer today. Damaged or weakened joints limit the ability of a person to move that results in discomfort. From shoulders to elbows, hips to knees, painful joints can cause its victims to be mildly irritated, and worse, being totally frustrated. Having limited movement can badly affect our way of life, a reason why we find solutions to relieve the pain in order to do the things that we always had.

A revolutionary supplement to relieve joint pain has been manufactured for Wellness Research Group, LLC under strict guidelines following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Wellness Research Group LLC is a specialized organization composed of a team of health experts whose goals are to improve quality of life by formulating 100% natural, effective, and safe supplements.

Focusing on their mission, NewJoint was produced from the latest research in connective tissue to exceed the results of the first generation glucosamine type supplements. NewJoint is a combination of all-natural botanical ingredients that contribute to its success as proven by science and testified by millions of satisfied patients.

How NewJoint Works?

NewJoint is formulated for moderate to severe discomfort. The main advantage of the product is that it is all plant-based and does not contain gluten, shellfish, and any animal products. The capsule is even made out of vegetable gelatin that makes it safe, stomach-friendly, and quickly absorbed.

NewJoint works not only as a mask for the problem for temporary relief, instead, but it also strengthens joints for lifelong relief and repair. The ingredients, all packed with the medicinal power of nature significantly reduce joint pain. Improves mobility and flexibility, and contributes to the lasting health of cartilage, joint, bone, and muscle when taken regularly.

The Three Key Ingredients of NewJoint:

The unique ingredients of NewJoint cannot be found from any other joint pain supplements in the market today. Let’s have a brief look at the main ingredients of the revolutionary joint health supplement.

  • Cissus Quadrangularis extract – a vining plant in the grape family known for bone and pain control.

  • Avocado Unsaponifiables (Avovida™) – providing beneficial effects for osteoarthritis and joint health, Avocado unsaponifiables is a natural extract made from avocado oils.

  • Cholecalciferol – popularly known as Vitamin D3, Cholecalciferol is a critical vitamin for bone metabolism. It helps in the proper absorption of calcium in the human diet to enhance mineral bone density.

Even though glucosamine and chondroitin and cheap alternatives for joint relief, the recent study by the National Institute of Health suggests that these ingredients do not work for many people. NewJoint offers a different degree of relief using active botanical ingredients that even works with other joint products. Patients who insist on taking glucosamine can take it along with NewJoint.

People who suffer painful joints have the option to improve their quality of life by taking a product tested and marked positive by many people who have tried the supplement for themselves. It is the most advanced joint supplement available, scientifically formulated with the power of nature to help people suffering from joint pain feel like new again.