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A Quick Guide for The Considerate Carnivore



Vegetarianism is on the rise. Sure, you wouldn’t say so at first glance, judging by all the Double Downs and competitive eating competitions out there but sure enough, fuelled partly by demographics and partly by lifestyle choices more people are eschewing meat than ever before. Of course, if you’re not one of them you might think that the preachy ways of PETA and other pro-veg organizations are a bit too much to stomach but not as hard to stomach perhaps as all the outrageous meat products that you see out there. So as a meat-eater perhaps you should take the first step on the road to reconciliation and become a considerate carnivore.

What is a considerate carnivore? Well, nothing more than a meat-eater that doesn’t roll his eyes at somebody ordering vegan or vegetarian and exercises a little bit of restraint and intelligent choice when selecting what to eat. Being discerning in your choice of meat products can lead to benefits both for your health but also for the welfare of the animals that get slaughtered and even the environment!

Let’s start with how being considerate can benefit you. Despite the campaign against it, red meat can have a lot of health benefits. The benefits, however, are quick to go away if you eat too much of it. Eating red meat twice a week is more than enough to get the most out of it while still staying healthy. Portion control is also very important as is selecting the meat you eat with care.

Natural steaks from grass-fed cows are a lot healthier than regular factory-farmed beef and they are a lot better for the environment as well, as grass-fed cows produce less methane.

A considerate meat eater also selects its food based on the provenience of the meat. Factory-farmed cattle are often held in poor conditions, fed less than optimal foodstuffs, and affect both the environment and the overall quality of the meat they produce both in terms of taste and nutritional content. Selecting natural beef can therefore keep you healthier, better fed, and keep your conscience clean.

Last but not least, as a meat eater you should have respect for the dietary needs of others if somebody doesn’t eat meat make sure to offer a vegetarian alternative when you invite them for dinner and provide separate serving tools and cutlery as some vegetarians dislike having any contact with meat. Respect this and you can truly say you’re a considerate person.

As more and more people become vegetarians us meat-eaters have to adjust and learn how to deal fairly with vegetarians. Our rapport with vegetarians and attitude towards meat products, in general, is truly the measure of whether or not we are considerate carnivores.