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A Guide To Improving Your Smile



Your smile is very important. It is an essential tool when it comes to communicating and expressing your feelings. It can be very difficult to feel comfortable smiling when you are not entirely happy with your teeth and this can cause us problems. There are options though, from full-on make over’s to small changes that will really boost your confidence. Here are things you can do to improve your smile, starting from small changes to bigger changes that require more commitment-

Makeup Tricks

What a lot of people don’t realize is that you can fake whiter teeth using makeup. If you wear lipstick choose to wear one with a blue base to make your teeth appear whiter. Using a bronzer to fake a sun-kissed glow works too. For those of you who don’t wear makeup try putting a drop of red food coloring on a toothbrush and buffing it into your gums. This makes your gums appear redder and healthier and your teeth whiter.

Easy Whitening

There are several options when it comes to whitening your teeth, it can be done at home with daily treatments or done professionally with one or two treatments. Home treatments involve some level of commitment as if you want them to work properly you are usually expected to do a daily treatment for several months to see the best results. If you opt for professional whitening it can be costly but will usually only involve one or two sessions. Book a consultation at a cosmetic dentist to find out what your options are.


Veneers are a great option if you want to improve the overall look of your teeth. This includes color, shape, and straightness. Veneers are positioned on top of the tooth concealing the tooth underneath for an overall better appearance. You can have anything from one veneer to a whole month depending on your needs.

Veneers are a lifelong commitment as in order to have them fitted the tooth underneath will have to be permanently changed.


Very few of us would feel comfortable wearing train track braces as adults. There are many more appropriate options that are cheaper too. On average having train track braces costs around £3,000, you can opt to have an invisible brace which is around a third of the price of standard braces. Invisible braces also tend to take less time on average ranging from 2 months to 9 months compared to two years for normal braces. Book a consultation with a dental surgery to find out what kind of brace is right for your needs.